Monday, April 14, 2014

950 Miles, Tomorrow Will Tell If It’s Been Worth IT!


We left Holiday/Tarpon Springs area about 1 pm Sunday, arrived in Houston at 5:30 Monday evening.  The HHR drove great, getting nearly 30 mpg for the trip.  We stopped in Daphne Alabama at a La Quinta, where we will be staying here in Houston too for a few nights.  We appreciate La Quinta because they are dog friendly…even though Skruffy is now a Service Dog, we want to support those places that appreciate dogs and dog owners.  Bubba stayed back in Florida mainly because of room…we had the HHR packed with enough stuff to “Camp” in a motorhome for a couple of days if we indeed go back home with another home on wheels.



We think it will be worth it….will let you know tomorrow.


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