Friday, October 4, 2013

It’s Fall….Must be Time to Go to Maui

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First, Bubba and Skruffy wanted to show off their new haircuts.  Glad that the grooming is over for another month....but it is nice to see them looking so good again.

Ok, what’s up with Maui?  Come on now, those who have followed me long enough know that I will go to Hawaii when they open that long freeway to Hawaii.  Arny and Sandy are celebrating their 25th anniversary soon, and they have wanted to go back to Hawaii for a long time.  So this morning I took them to the airport where they boarded an Alaska Airlines Jet and headed out to Maui.  I joked with Arny, who had short pants on, that I hope the plane was not taking them to Anchorage by mistake.  Now if Bubba can just make it a week at Arny’s house without Arny being here….time will tell I guess.

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Fall is definitely in the air.  A good little wind swept through Northern California yesterday and got many of the leaves which are turning to fall, along with many which were still green.  But it won’t be long before we will be having trouble finding leaves on the tree….but from now until then we are going to enjoy the colors.

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And it won’t be long before these flowers will be history, and we will all be anxious for Spring when they shall arise again.


The squirrels seem to be stocking up…although their food source will be there throughout the year


This little hummingbird guards his area very diligently….as he has all summer long.  Again, his food source will be there throughout the year too.


The doves flock to the seed, four, five even six at a time unless one of them bullies the others off.


And some them will pick up the scraps along the ground under the watchful eye of Bubba who does not mind sharing his turf with feathered friends….but squirrels are another story.


One of my duties while they are gone is Turtle Duty.  They have a lot of turtles, including these six turtles born this year…two back in early spring, and four which Sandy just found this past week.  These little ones stay inside for the warmth and food through the winter.  I was asked to find all six each day, rinse them off real quick and put them near the food (above).   But less than an hour later (below) they were all back in hiding.


I looked around and found a few…..

....under the shelter….


....while others dug in like this little guy/girl who you can barely see poking their head out.


Autumn / Fall is here…. and next week we hope to do a day trip with mom and dad up to Apple Hill, a place I have not visited for decades…. and I hope the colors are starting to show.  Either way, I know that the apple pie is going to be out of this world!  (hope the pictures I take are too)


  1. What a lovely post, Dave. And the photos are so appropriate for the San Joaquin Valley. I love the baby turtles; do they own mama and papa?

  2. Sandy and Arny have a lot of turtles....not sure of the number, but with these babies, probably around 20. They have nice "turtle pens" for them, and I think Arny is looking at building another one in the near future.

  3. What a terrific transition post of photos! Those summer beauties will soon be long gone. Love that hummingbird in flight.

    Turtle!? What a strange idea for a pet! I do love sighting turtles on logs in ponds so why not in your backyard.
    Happy babysitting the turtles! Do keep us posted on it goes.

    1. Doing Apple Hill today, I sure hope the fall colors are showing. Of course, if not, there is plenty of Apple Pie and Fudge to eat up

  4. Bubba and Scruffy look very nice with their new cuts. Cali is going to the groomer on Wednesday, but I couldn't wait and trimmed the hair around her face. Summer is definitely giving way to autumn, but in warmer climates I love the way summer "lingers" for awhile. Thanks for sharing all of the delightful photos! :-)

    1. I do hope Cali is feeling better....glad you are in a warm place for winter, I think a cold hard winter would be very hard on her poor old bones. Loved that reflection picture on your blog.....great photo


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