Monday, October 28, 2013

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" – South Lake Tahoe


Yep, it snowed last night.  What a wonderful winter scene when I opened up the door and looked out this morning.


About 5 inches of nice, fluffy snow, enough to fill the trees, and…..


HEY!!!!!  What’s going on here????  We left the warm, green backyard at Uncle Arny’s for THIS????  We want to GO HOME!!!!!


DAD, this really sucks!  There is NOTHING but this COLD WHITE STUFF everywhere!


Well, when a girl has to go, a girl has to go.  “Dad, yesterday you worried about it getting to cold that it might freeze our water pipes, you should have thought about it freezing my #@@ off!”


The snow did melt a lot as the day went on….all that snow on the trees above fell on the roof of the motorhome throughout the day, some with some loud thuds, most just falling with light taps. But there is not a whole prettier than a fresh coat of white snow.


I did get out to the store to buy a few things.  While in line the young lady in front of me told the clerk that a bear broke into her car last night.  She did not have any food in there…it just broke a window, got in for a look.  She was a bit upset because her insurance said it was an “Act of Nature”.  Sometimes you have to wonder what you have insurance for…. 

Anyway, tomorrow the weather should be better, and we will try to get out and see some of the sights .  Most of the snow has passed….or has it?  Guess we will find out tomorrow.


  1. HI Dave:
    Wow, hope the pipes didn't freeze. Have you done anything to your rig for the possibility of this kind of weather? I know that first sight of that first snow is really amazing, if you can remain calm and not hurry into all the panic surrounding how you're ever going to be able to deal with this turn of events! What a kick for Bubba and Skruffy when they finally got themselves going in it. Lacy was the same when it snowed in Salt Lake city our first night there. What the heck is this stuff? It's fun to watch. Enjoy, snuggle and stay warm.
    The photos are absolutely gorgeous, as usual. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Last week before we came up here I insulated the water pipes which were exposed under the rig. The water, grey and black tanks already had a heater. I think we are good to go for temps in the high teens as long as it it gets up above 30 during the day. Tuesday night will is going to be right at 20 that night.

  2. Beautiful! I enjoyed looking at the snow in YOUR pictures...glad it's not in mine:) I'm with the dogs! Stay warm!


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