Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe – A Snowy Delight


Emerald Bay is about 20 minutes from the RV Park.  It was 36 degrees out, with an occasional snow flurry here and there.  Marcia decided to stay put in the warmth of the motorhome, which is staying pretty warm with the help of the occasional simmering of water to bring humidity into the motorhome.  With the higher elevation (6,200 ft) and the dry heat of the DeLonghi Oil Filled Radiator has made the interior of the motorhome feel real dry.  I left at 1:00 and told her I’d be back by 2:30.  As I drove away I realized I should get some gas, so getting back by 2:30 was going to be a interesting task.  (note: remember to click on pictures to see larger views)


The roads were just fine, though a bit wet, from Monday’s snow. 

Which I was very thankful for, because I have driven this same stretch of road where the snow alongside the road was higher than the roof of my car.

The road climbs, and then a view of the Lake appears.  Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America.  On a bright, sunny day, you can see deep blues as the water reflects the sky.  Marcia and I brought mom and dad up here last year for a few days in May, staying in a cabin.  You can see the blues of the lake in the two postings of that trip here and here.  Just remember that the camera we used last year was far inferior to the one we are now using….


I finally come to the Inspiration Point turnout.  There is a sign which says that the recreational area is closed, yet there are a few other cars in there….they will eventually barricade the entrance when as winter sets in.  Fannette Island sits within Emerald Bay, which today, with the overcast, hides the emerald colors from which it gets its name.


Above is the back portion of Emerald Bay, where Vikingsholm sits (below), the summer home of Mrs. Lora Josephine Knight.  (More information about the island home, and Vikingsholm can be found on last year’s blog posting.)


Emerald bay is the “Jewel” of Lake Tahoe, that is for sure.


From the view of the bay and the lake…..


To the mountains which tower over the them.

2f    2g

And I was pleasantly surprised that there were still fall colors up around the bay.  I have been to Emerald Bay many times, it is a wonderful place.  Those who enjoy hard hikes will find some very good ones which offer great views of the lake and surrounding areas.  There is a hike which goes down to Vikingsholm which is not too hard outside of the elevation coming back.  A visitor’s center, closed during the winter, is also found here.  And there are many places to camp, both RV parks, and state and federal parks.  If you have not been to Lake Tahoe, and you want to miss the crowds, late September through October is definitely the time to come…and if it snows, don’t’ worry, it won’t last long….until winter really sets in.


  1. I had to catch up from Monday too.....absolutely beautiful.
    We have never been to Tahoe...thanks for the tip about a good time to miss the crowds.

    1. Tahoe is a Summer and a Winter madhouse. Lots of campers, honeymooners and others renting cabins and vacation homes during the summer, lots of skiers in the winter. With super cold weather, coming in an RV during the winter would not be the best, although in the park we are at there are a number of people staying through the winter due to their jobs. The Indian Casinos seems to have cut down on the gamblers, which use to be huge all year round....don't ask me how I know. :)

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous and the snow is lovely, but I think I'm glad I was there when it was warmer.

    1. The first time I went to Yosemite ALONE, after being there probably a dozen times or more, I went in late November....there was snow on the ground, the waterfalls had frozen water along the rocks, it seemed that I had the park to myself. I stayed in a small cabin for two nights, three days...it was a whole different experience, that is for sure. Same with Tahoe. We are just lucky that we are only 90 miles from freezing temps and tolerable 70's and 80's in the valley. One good thing about Sacramento, it is not too far from mountains and oceans.


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