Saturday, August 6, 2022

To Green River Utah


Although it takes longer to go across US-50 than it does I-80, I love '50' much better.  You still go through all those towns, you drive through the cities, you see the old landmarks like the Nevada Club Casino in Ely pictured above.  And today we were blessed with some rain...

...and cooler temps due to the rain.  Yes, it did get up to around 85 but it was pretty cool for most of the day.

This part of Nevada has a bit more trees which adds to the scenery...or lack of, depending upon how you look at it.  The clouds make for even a more dramatic look.

RANT:  We stayed at a place called Border Inn Casino right at the Nevada Utah Border along US-50.  All indications from other blogs and reviews showed that the price was $25 per night, full hook-up, which included WI-FI and some reported ok Verizon coverage.  Well, when I checked in, after they ran the card, I found out it was $50 a night plus tax.  I looked at the lady and said, "I thought it was $25 per night?"  The reply was, "We have new owners, they raised the price."  Ok, so where is site #6 (our assigned site), and she replied, "They are all clearly marked out there...should be along row number one."  Meanwhile, an older lady asked the clerk why the 213e Park credit card machine was so far back into the staff area, and she had to nearly hand the credit card machine to the use to get them to scan their card.  The clerk shrugged her shoulders, the older lady said, "We will have to look into changing that..."   All the while this same older lady heard me question the price, heard the clerk tell me to go find my spot on my own, and there was no question about any of that!  Well, being so tired from the past few days, we paid that price, and used as much electricity and water as we possibly could without wasting anything.  As for the park, it is on dirt, it is half full of what I would call Mobile-home Trailers, and there were five other real RVer's, could have been six but that lady drove off when she saw that she had to run her water and electricity all the way from the front of her truck to the back of her trailer she was hauling.  Oh, and the Verizon was nonexistent, and there was no WiFi.  So we had no TV, no WiFi, no Cellular Data (but we did have was all roaming), and thank goodness we had a collection of DVDs just for the occasion.  We would NOT recommend this park at all due to the rudeness, lack of service, and lack of caring for the needs of the paying customer.

The first 80 miles from the border to Delta Utah was a bit boring...60 miles of no Internet, it took 50 miles before the clock automatically changed on our cell phones, and we might have seen a dozen cars/trucks going the other way during this part of the trip. 

As Delta got closer, so did some nicer scenery.  We stopped along the Highway in Delta to check our email, basic Internet stuff, and take care of business.  Too bad Indy had no where to go, so we waited until we found a better spot between Delta and Salina at a truck stop that almost had grass.

Between Delta and Salina, where we pick up I-70, we saw many green fields, lots of cattle, and a few rock formations that caught our interest.  But it was AFTER we got on I-70 that we were awed.  In my opinion, I-70 from Denver to Salina (perhaps all the way to I-15) is the prettiest INTERSTATE in the nation.  Yes, there are better highways, but not better Interstates in my opinion.  Here is a long series of pictures that tell the story.


As you can see, the views along I-70 are wonderful.  Elevation ranges from 4,500 feet up to 7,200 feet and back down again.  Many moments of using our lower gear, and many moments of using overdrive to slow us down as we headed down the 6% grade.  All the while, trying to keep my eyes on the road and not the scenery...which is impossible to do.

We left the Nevada border right at 7 am, which quickly turned to 8 am Utah time.  We arrived at the iCamp Green River RV Park and Campground at 1:30.

The price is the same for this park as the one in Nevada, BUT the attitude and helpfulness of the staff is a 100% turnaround.  Asked for a Water Electric pull through with shade.  The lady says, "This is the best we have, but there is a back-in site which has good shade.  Not wanting to hook up on Monday morning, I took the best site they had.  Shade hits around 5:30, which means the heat of the day is right there on us.  The new AC that we have kept us at 80-82 degrees with outside temps hitting 99 degrees.

The A-Frame building is indicative of it being an older KOA.  Likeother older KOAs, they choose to use the "iCamp [name of town or area]".  This is our second or third one we have stayed at now. 

Indy is happy that we have stopped...and she will be even happier when we find grass again!  So far the trip is going problems with the motorhome or the HHR tow car.


  1. Crazy that the new owners doubled the price! Love that area and all those cool rock formations.

    1. Utah is so full of rock formations. Having lived in Utah for four years, and visiting many, many times, I can't say that I have seen them all, but I have seen many of them.

  2. If they're going to change the price, they should update the website. They are just scamming people. Love the scenery, even though I have found I can't look at the mountains and drive at the same time!! Grass for Indy is important!! LOL

    1. Part of the problem is that THEY don't actually post a price on their website...I was going off what someone paid two months ago. But to double rates as a new owner without making any improvements is just insane.

  3. That section of I-70 is gorgeous! We usually avoid interstates but that entire section should be experienced at least once. It seems like some RV parks were taking advantage of the larger number of people traveling in RVs during the epidemic and overcharging. Hopefully, prices will come down if they lose business.

    1. "Hopefully, prices will come down if they lose business..." That is really what it comes down to, isn't it?: will consumers ALLOW them to raise prices as if the consumer has no say in the matter. It is hard to find substitutes for some things, but Travel and RV are highly discretionary.

    2. The beauty almost wants me to continue along I-70...but we have not been further east of Cortez except for a day trip years ago...this time it is all the way to I-25 along that southern Colorado route, which I know will be cool and pretty.

  4. First we ask if they have a Site. Then we ask the Price.
    We've gone elsewhere before. With our setup we even went Boondocking with no problem.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the scenery when you can.

    It's about time.


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