Sunday, August 14, 2022

From 75 Degrees to 95 Degrees -- WOW!


What a change 300 miles makes.  Here we are at Corral RV Park in Dalhart Texas.  Elevation is over 4,000 feet less than South Fork.  Temperature is 20 degrees more.  Trees and grass are still green, but the abundance of which is minimal.  Oh ya, we are also in a different time zone...might as well be in the Twilight Zone!

We left the campground before 8 am.  Passing by fields which could sustain many more cattle than currently being raised there.

Highway 160 was lined with small yellow sunflowers, or whatever type of flower.  The hills are this really August?  I am use to golden grass in August.

We cross over the Rio Grande River one last time as it heads south, we continue east.

Somewhere over there to our north is the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

And our last mountain pass on Highway 160, La Veta Pass...just a mere 9,400 feet, a climb of only 1,500 feet from the 7,900 feet we were at when Marcia took this picture.

Up over the pass and twenty miles later we are getting ready to enter I-25 south, and we look back to the west from where we came.  We traveled just under 300 miles of Highway 160, taking seven days, enjoying the cool weather, and very nice folks whom we met.

The last miles in Colorado are on I-25.  On the other side of that distance mountain is New Mexico.

One last look at Colorado.  Now we have been across I-70 (me many times), across US-40, US-50, and have visited many parks, many mountain towns and passes, and we have seen many different wildlife...about the only thing missing this trip outside of a few deer.  What a pretty state.

We head down I-25 and find it to be a very bumpy, hard drive.  At the Colorado - New Mexico border we go over our last mountain pass...the Raton Pass at just 7,800 feet.  A few miles down the road in New Mexico and we turn southeast onto Highway 87, and another 125 miles we come to the Corral RV Park in Dalhart.  The car will remain connected to the motorhome, I only hooked up to the electric, and other than a 15 minute sit outside with Indy, we stay in the confines of the cool motorhome with the A/C cranking away.  Tomorrow our goal is to get on the west side of Oklahoma City, after we visit the Walmart in Elk City to return the old batteries.


  1. I drove that highway just last year. It's amazing how you don't see much along the way. No people .... my kind of state!! Gorgeous country!!

    1. I agree, and super nice people from within and outside of the state.

  2. I'll take 75 over 95 any day of the week! Beautiful country!

    1. Wish we could have stayed a month, but we both have doctor appointments we need to do, so time to go back to hot, muggy Florida


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