Friday, June 25, 2021

Good Family Time, Indy Was a HIT, New Toilet

This post won't have many pictures, but just a short recap of our four days/nights at Orange City Florida.

Marcia's brother Dean and his wife Caryl live in Deland, and the Orange City Rv Resort is a short, easy 5 miles away.  We had breakfast at their house on Wednesday, then went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse that night (and the restaurant was BUSY...a good thing!).  Thursday we had breakfast at their house where I made pancakes with Carbquik (topped with Hungry Jack Sugar Free Syrup with some berries too), eggs and bacon...still a bit 'beat' from the past week so we stayed in Thursday night.  Friday we had dinner with Caryl and Dean making Shrimp Fajitas, not very spicy since Marcia can't have spicy food for another few weeks due to her Dental Procedures a week ago.  Indy was with us each time we visited the house, and we took her Chew Stick to keep her entertained...and she had a good time.  After breakfast Thursday we watched an old movie, Bringing Up Baby, with Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn.  Dean watched Indy watching the movie more than watching the movie itself (but I think he has watched it so many times he has it all memorized!).  Anyway, in the movie there is a Dog and a couple of Leopards, and when the 'nice' Leopard played with the Dog, Indy went NUTS!  Dean got a kick out it all, and commented that he had never seen a dog (Indy) so entranced with watching TV.

Just before we left Holiday, our toilet push down the floor pedal and nothing happens.  Take a stick and you can move the ball, flushing it, but this is something we HAD to fix.  Put in an order on Sunday having it shipped to Dean and Caryl's house.  It came today and I took it back (leaving Marcia and Indy at their house) and got it installed in under an hour. This new Dometic Low Profile ReVolution 321 looks like a better toilet, keeping the goo away from moving parts yet still has the easy-to-clean toilet seal.  Time will only tell...

Saturday we are driving up into Georgia, about 300 miles.


  1. That Indy girl sure has personality!! That face is so cute! I'm exceedingly lucky, not having had a toilet problem. Good thing you are a handy guy because the wait for service nowadays seems to be months long.

    1. Oh, the JOY she has brought into our lives.

      The combo of having a VacuFlush system and wanting a toilet in which the seal is easy to clean has been a PITA, for sure. I am hoping that Dometic has fixed this seems to be better so far.


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