Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Calhoun A-OK Campground - Calhoun, Georgia


Yep, there is that distinctive old KOA A-Frame building.

In most of these buildings one can find bathrooms, laundry room, the office, and sometimes even some food.  A swimming pool is typically close by.

As the parks get older, and new owners take over, the KOA name goes away.  In this case, as in a few others I have seen, they change the name to A-OK, or "A OK", or even A.O.K.   I guess KOA should have registered its reversed three letter trademark.  (AOK is KOA backwards).

I have seen these older KOAs have fishing ponds too...this one is right at the entrance, and I did see a couple of people fishing earlier.

When we pulled into our campsite yesterday we knew it would only be for less than 20 hours.  Sure enough, at 9 am the people in our new spot had moved on, so we moved over even before we had our coffee.  Some how or another, the Microwave-Convection oven went missing from the front seat of the HHR where I put it last night...I guess that quick stop by the dumpster did the trick.  The 5th wheel came in next to us around 3 pm.  They have a couple of dogs, and I've seen two teenagers too, but I am not sure they all came in the truck that pulled the 5th wheel...the teens might be staying in a different RV or even a cabin.

Yesterday we were parked next to this tree with the blue sign on it.  I like where we are much better, even though Indy is hyper glued to the comings and goings of our new neighbors due to the two dogs.

One thing this park has that I have not seen in other parks is a (or some) Peacocks.  A Peacock is a male, a Peahen is a female...I have only seen a Peacock.  Saw it yesterday when I did a quick look around to see our new spot, and check out where the dumpster was.  I "think" the microwave would have ended up in the dumpster yesterday, but the Peacock was protecting it.  I told Marcia I would get a picture of it with it feathers up ... and today I did.

What a pretty bird!


One thing about this older park is that many of the sites are not very level.  The owner, according to the young lady who checked us in and brought the cookies yesterday, has only had the park for 18 months or so.  This motorhome has both of its front tires up off the ground to level it out.

This area above is at the back of the park, and it looks fairly new.

There's around 70 RV sites, some tents sites, and 8 cabins.  It is pretty much full except for tents and cabins.

And I have no idea what's up with this one below...probably rented out as a cabin now.

As I said yesterday, the only damage the falling microwave did was it busted our kitchen faucet.  After much research, I discovered that the faucet is a Delta, which is a great faucet, but it is hard to find parts for sometimes.  With a lifetime guarantee on their stuff, who wants to stock Delta parts?

Would you believe that Home Depot has OUR sprayer on their website, AND, they are shipping one to us (already confirmed on the shipping by FedEx) and it will be in the Calhoun Home Depot on July 1st.  See the bottom of the sprayer above...it busted right near the top black seal...but you can't get that part, you have the buy the entire sprayer, with a hose that we also don't need.  We will just disconnect the hose, and connect the new sprayer to the existing hose...all will be well...except for the $125 bill to get the sprayer.  NOW we know why Delta has a lifetime warranty!



  1. Oh that Indy is cute!!! And the peacocks gorgeous. They are an amazingly beautiful animal. Noisy, but pretty makes up for it. I seem to have the same Delta faucet problem. No parts, but no guarantee since I'm not the first one to own this house. They are falling apart right and left. I don't know how you find all these nice RV parks. That one looks great! Yes, I too always seem to get next to the site with five kids and three dogs.

    1. In this case, we LUCKED OUT to able to stay in this park for a week. Not knowing when we were going to leave Marcia's friend's house after their visit, I figure 100 miles was all we were going to make...this park fit the bill for that. Then, after the microwave fell and needing a place to do laundry...well, staying here fit the bill. On top of that, having a Home Depot that will provide us the $125 faucet part...well, we couldn't have had it any better!


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