Friday, June 18, 2021

Getting Ready to Leave for Six Months


With my youngest son's wedding in late July in Cleveland, we have hung around HOT and HUMID Florida a bit longer than "I" like.  Tuesday I took the motorhome out of storage, got the oil changed and tires leveled out with air (except for short local drives it has sat since October), and parked in the Holiday Travel Park nearby.  In fact, it is just under a mile driving, and a half of a mile as the crow flies.  It is very convenient for cleaning and packing.  We figured we would move in on Monday, and head for DeLand to visit Marcia's brother Dean and wife Caryl on Tuesday.  Yesterday morning (like around 4 am) I told Marcia that we might want to consider moving in on Friday or Saturday night making it easier to clean the Condo and not have all our stuff split between two locations.  So Thursday we cleaned a bit more, moved the food and other things in, and planned on moving our clothes and toiletries today...BUT...

Someone (not me or Indy) had a tooth that was hurting like heck.  At 4 pm Aspen Dental said they could see Marcia at 7 pm, and today they did a deep cleaning and pulled her tooth, which previously had a root canal, where one of the roots had broken off from the tooth causing pain related to infection setting in.  Could not believe we could get all that done within 18 hours of contacting them.  Of course, could not believe the price either, but that is life...just used Uncle Joe's stimulus money for that one!

Another way we have spent our Stimulus Money was getting a new Tire Pressure Monitoring System.  Our old one was having problems the past couple of years, and after some research I decided on this GUTA System with 12 sensor caps...we only need 10, so this gives us 2 extras.  So far I like how this system is programed, and it comes with an extender antenna if needed...we probably don't need it.  The sensor caps are a bit smaller than our current ones, and none of these are pass-through, so to add air I will need to take each one off like I did with the car.  The battery on the monitor lasts for 10-14 days, with some people reporting even up to few weeks...and you don't have to have it plugged in all the time like our previous one.

Another easy fix was replacing this black tank flush intake valve.  Wish all fixes were this easy...

Unfortunately, it was time to replace the duckbills on our Vacuflush toilet system, and found that the bellows needed replacing too.  Of all the motorhome jobs I have done, messing (no pun intended) with this toilet system is the worse.  Thought I lined up a repair man to do it, my legs are not what they use to be and my arms are big to work in this confined area...but it ended up that the repair guys fell through, and I did get it done.  All I can say is YUCK!  (I wrote in detail about doing this job back in 2018, just click here)

Indy has enjoyed our many weekly trips over to the Doggie Park...until the weather got so hot and humid this past 10+ days.  (Highs in low 90's, Lows in upper 70's, humidity in the thousands range!)  On this day she was one of 14 dogs in the small dog park the time I took this picture all but 3 dogs had left.  She has been the only dog at the park a number of times, and that just is not fun for her.

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was on last weekend, and she was GLUED to the screen, sitting on my lap just to keep her from attacking the screen when they trotted around the stadium.  We were pulling for this Westie...but Wasabi the Pekingese won best of show.  Indy really enjoyed it, but we did have to take a five minute time out at first because she was just too excited by it all.

On Monday Indy gets her three year rabies vaccine shot and three year license...Tuesday we head out.


  1. I sure hope Marcia is feeling better. Maybe some times it's not good to be a "handy" guy or girl. That toilet work does NOT sound like fun. Glad you will be back on the road soon. I like my built in tire monitoring system, but you have to check the pressure on your phone. Just what I need ... to be a distracted driver while I click through several screens trying to find out how the tires are doing.

    1. By choice we don't have phones that can do that...figure that "IF" I want to be on a computer, it won't be my phone, it will be a real computer. Just my/our choice of course. Marcia is not having pain today (24+ hours later) but has to complete the antibiotic. We ARE living in the motorhome as of 2 hours ago...YEAAAAA


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