Saturday, June 16, 2018

Why We Like Alfred A Loeb State Park

At Alfred A Loeb State Park, Brookings Oregon

 Loeb State Park, view to front sitting along the side

There are many features about parks that we like….location, space, quietness, safety, friendliness….Alfred A Loeb State Park has these for us.  Located 8 1/2 miles from Brookings, but only around 6 1/2 by the way the crow flies.  The temperatures during the summer are very moderate…today it is 65 degrees in Brookings, probably closer to 70 here at Loeb.  VERY comfortable.

Loeb State Park, view to our right

Here is our closest neighbor right outside our door.  YES, there is really another camper on the other side of these bushes…we don’t see them, they don’t see us.  My camping chair, which surprisingly after 6 years of this lifestyle is new (never carried one before) sits right outside the door, and I took both of the above shots sitting in that chair…in the shade…in 70 degree weather.

Loeb State Park, view behind us

Above is a shot from that same chair of the back of our campsite.  Beyond those bushes is the North Bank of Chetco River Road…not a very busy road, so not much noise.  Typically, if a car goes down the river road, it turns into Loeb, but not always.  Now not all sites here at Loeb are like this…but many of them are.  Get here on a mid-week morning, and you will probably have many sites to pick from.  Doubt you will get in on a Friday or Saturday though….

Loeb State Park, Butterfly on Berry Blossoms

There are lots of berry bushes here in the park.  They are not ripe yet…perhaps when we get back in July…but berries are not yet on our diet, but a taste here and there won’t hurt, right???

Loeb State Park, Bumble Bee on Berry Blossoms

Bumble Bees and Honey Bees are all over these blossoms…but they are not aggressive, just actively going from blossom to blossom.

 Loeb State Park    Loeb State Park
Plaque about Loeb State Park

It cost the same to camp in a tent or in a RV, and there are a few cabins which I showed last year when we were here (Last year’s blogs: Alfred A. Loeb State Park, near Brookings Oregon and Staying put at Alfred A Loeb through the Weekend).  There is an extra charge for a vehicle, but it is defined as follows:
Some campgrounds allow extra vehicles at each campsite. Some allow extra vehicle parking only in overflow areas. Check with campground staff before you park an extra vehicle at your site—a $7 extra vehicle fee for campers may apply . What's an extra vehicle? In addition to the car or RV you drive into the park, you may tow one additional car or truck at no charge. If you drive an additional vehicle, the $7 fee kicks in. (Oregon State Park Link)

Bathrooms and Showers at Loeb State Park

Took a shower in the shower / bathroom building the day we got here.  I normally just shower in the motorhome, but we are hoping to only dump once while here for 12 days, so using public showers area must for me.  As public showers go, these are not bad at all…and free to campers ($2 to non-campers).

Kids Bikes down the way from us, Loeb State Park

Some would be highly turned off by the kids at the park…but both years we have found the kids to be just normal kids, not too loud, and parents set the boundaries as to where they can ride.  Also, both today and yesterday a State Patrol Car came through the park…as they did last year. 

Loab State Park, view to our left      Loab State Park, view to our right

Loab Campground Map

We like sites 9, 10 and 11 because of their location within the park.  However, any of the sites 1-8 also are good sites.  As you go around the loop, the privacy of the sites is not as good…and the closer to the river one gets, the more river noise (folks down at the river) there is.  Many people come up from Brookings to use the river for the day, especially in the heat of July and August (when temps get up to mid-70’s down in Brookings).


  1. Wondering if I can get in with my 38 foot rig? I can be cool too if I sit outside at midnight! Jealous!!
    Happy Father's Day!!

    1. Yes Nancy, many sites can handle a 38...some will also handle your motorhome and your vehicle, however, if you have to park your vehicle in the extra vehicle parking area, I am sure they will want an extra $7 for using the parking space.

    2. And thanks for the Father's Day greeting....

  2. so glad you are enjoying yourself.....bc


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