Monday, June 11, 2018

Phone + Water = Delay

At sister’s house, Citrus Heights, CA

phone under water

Got up this morning at 6:55 to let the dogs out and feed them.  After the ritual of barking, Arny giving them a treat, them doing their business, they come back in for their morning breakfast.  I put the dry food into their respective bowls, reach for the spoon in a small plastic bowl soaking in water in order to dish out the canned food to mix with the dry food, and to my horror I find Marcia’s flip phone sitting in the bowl next to the spoon in about a 1/2 inch of water!

Flip Phone

After getting the dogs their food, I immediately got on Amazon and ordered another flip phone.  $40 later, with delivery sometime tomorrow, and a quick trip to a Verizon Store and she will be back in business.  In the meantime, laundry is done, the car is packed, and we are ready to leave…it will just be Wednesday instead of Tuesday (or late Tuesday afternoon if it comes that quick).

Debbie with Euleda

Friday Sandy and Arny left for the Bodega Bay area for two nights, three days of not having to care for Arny’s mom.  Monday through Friday a caregiver, Debbie, comes in for 5 hours, then she lays down for a 2-3 hour nap, and by the time she gets up my sister is home from work.  While they were gone, I helped out Friday morning through Sunday afternoon.  My sister Patti arrived around 3 on Friday and did much of the caregiving from then through Sunday evening.  Me?  Well, I am the muscles…picking her up, moving her, and keeping her company as needed.  Marcia also sat with her and talked and visited for a number of hours too.  It is just so hard to imagine being so dependent on others…can’t do anything on her own.  Ninety five years old…good, long life that just keeps hanging on.

Old Cadillac

Went over to the grocery store over the weekend too, and saw this Model A with a Cadillac engine sitting in the parking lot…what a nice looking car.  Don’t know which is older, the car of Arny’s mother…my bet is on his mother…and I am sure she has more original parts than this car does.

Anyway, we will be on the road to Oregon either late Tuesday or first thing Wednesday morning.  Will need to adjust our stops a little, but that’s ok, plans are made to be changed…. 


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I hate it when my phone gets wet. They can be pricey. Glad you were able to get another one quickly, even if it requires one more day at home.

    1. One reason we use flip phones...the price and how hard it is to break them. Arny's flip phone went through the washer (not dryer) and it is still working today! Had we caught this when it first landed in the water it would have been no big deal...but it sat there half submerged all night long.

  2. We used a hair dryer to dry out the phone. It worked perfect after it dried..even the camera.

    1. Arny has a air compressor in his garage, much like one would find in a auto repair facility. I blew it out a number of times and set it in the sun. Got the outside screen to work, it will make and receive calls, but the inside screen is still white...can't read text messages or read contact list to select the person you want to call. It still might start working, but new one will be delivered today, probably within the next couple of hours.


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