Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Moved on to Huntley Park Today

At Huntley Park, Gold Beach, OR

Yesterday (Monday) I traveled to Brookings to publish yesterday's post (when there are pictures, it is hard to post without a faster connection...let alone saving usage on our Aircard), do laundry, and do one last quick shopping trip at Fred Meyer.  I found the public library to be the best place to post from in Brookings...it is open from 10-6, you can see the password as you walk in the door, and you can be in and out real quick.  Did some movie downloads at McDonalds...that took a long time, and the Fred Meyer Internet, which is also used by the famous coffee store located there, is just too slow to even download a movie.

The laundromat is actually in Harbor.  Harbor and Brookings are separated by the Chetco River, and most people passing through don't even realize that they are not in Brookings when they are in Harbor.  It is a large laundromat, and I had no problem finding washers or dryer.  The only thing, the washers are what they call "High Efficiency", and they take over 40 minutes per load, but you use way less detergent.  All came clean, and the people in there were real friendly...found out that one lady at the laundromat was also staying in Loeb State Park as we pulled out of Loeb today.

Huntley is very empty compared to last year...we are about 6 weeks earlier than last year.  Lots of fishermen use the park, and I expect as we closer to the weekend there will be more local people coming up for the 4th of July.  Last year it was $77 per week...this year it is $95 per week.  The daily fee is up to $15 per day, up from $13 last year.  WHY?  Probably because it is operated by the Port, and the Port is up to its neck in debt due to ex-staff lawsuits.  There have been turnovers (recalls) in the Port Authority board...I think in time things will be better.

It was a nice cool day here today, maybe reached 70.  Since we are right along the Rogue River, the temps here will be just a bit milder than we had Loeb.  Will get some pictures and do another posting soon.  But I will include this one picture below I got with my cell phone on my way back from dong laundry yesterday.

Mama and Baby Deer


  1. Aww I love seeing the fawns. I for one thought it was all Brookings. I stay at the Elks Lodge there, when I can find a spot.

    1. This was one of the youngest fawns I had seen out on a road...as I stopped, it went back over to where mama was. We SURE like this area of Oregon...so cool and the people are so nice.


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