Thursday, July 27, 2017

Staying put at Alfred A Loeb through the Weekend

Alfred A Loeb State Park, near Brookings, Oregon

Dump Station, Rest Area, north of Brookings, Oregon

I headed the ten miles to just north of Brookings to empty our waste tanks today, while Marcia sat at the picnic table in our site so that no one would steal our precious camping site while I was gone.  Stopped by Fred Meyer to get a few things, so I was gone, in total, just over an hour and a half.  Sent her this picture to let her know that I had made it to the rest area north of Brookings to "DUMP THE TANKS".  Texted her just a little later to let her know I was in Fred Meyer…which got her brain activated as I had a few texts back with items to pick up while I was there.  Oh well, gave me a good excuse later as to why it took me so long at the grocery store.  Open-mouthed smile

Neighbors, Alfred A Loeb State Park, near Brookings Oregon

Saw this guy and his “extended” family down in Crescent City California a few days ago when we were at Castle Rock.  They pulled in yesterday…two vehicles and trailers from Idaho…his “family” pulled in next to us.  I talked to the camp hosts because in Crescent City they were openly smoking dope at the pullout, which even in the Marijuana legal states is an illegal act.  The hosts told me that they have had run ins with these folks a number of times this summer…they had been warned about their behavior twice previous, and they would be kicked out at the slightest problem.  Well, this morning a Oregon State Vehicle pulled up in the site next to us and a Human Services lady had a talk with the young lady (probably about 15 years old) and the mother.  Since I left and Marcia was out at the table, she heard a bit of what was going on…Neighbors, Alfred A Loeb State Park, near Brookings Oregonespecially after the State worker left.  They essentially are on the lamb from the kids father, and the mother was heard saying, “We are getting out of Oregon right away and not coming back!”  As I was coming back up the hill to the campground from highway 101, I saw them headed the other way.  Called Marcia and got the scoop.  All I can say is, it is nice having the two older ladies in their motorhome next to us now.  The “father”, however, stayed in the park alone…and the camp hosts were not too sad about the the others leaving at all.  I had not been home for 5 minutes before these ladies snagged the site, then left some of their camping chairs with a note and did not come back until early this evening.

Neighbors, Alfred A Loeb State Park, near Brookings Oregon
On the other side of us is this 5th wheel which pulled in yesterday (Wednesday) and is leaving tomorrow (Friday).  They are from Colorado, and they go out for a few months each year.  Friday they are hoping to get into Florence Keller County Park & Campground in Crescent City.  I told them about the large pull through we had…I hope they get it.  Not sure how large their 5th wheel is, maybe 26-28’, but you can see that even with their truck they still have a good 10’ left in their site.  Many sites can handle a 45’, but it would be a problem parking a tow car along with it unless you are willing to park it off site.

Neighbors, Alfred A Loeb State Park, near Brookings Oregon

This site across from us has a family or two from the Medford area.  There are two ladies, most likely sisters, and about six kids ranging from teenagers to about 4 years old.  They have been here since Tuesday, and are leaving on Sunday.  Like us, they are just trying to get away from the heat…but unlike us, they are headed right back into it again.  As for us…we will be here until Monday, then we are staying at a RV Park 30 miles north of Brookings for a full week.  They have free Wifi, and laundry, and TV.  The big selling point however is free Wifi…we are 12 days into our month and nearly 1/2 gone with our data.  At $15 per gig for every gig over, it is worth the money to get a weekly rate at an RV park…which should run us about $180 for the week.

Plant life, Alfred A Loeb State Park, near Brookings Oregon

There are MANY blackberry plants in the park, and our site (#9) has many at the rear of the site.  I think the people who come in behind us will be very happy that we are on this low carb diet, which, at this point, does not include fruit until we loose more weight.  Eventually berries become a good food product on the low carb diet…but that is the next stage which, unfortunately, is still a long ways away. 

Plant life, Alfred A Loeb State Park, near Brookings Oregon

Another thing we have around our site are three leaf clovers…lots of them.  Tried to find a four leaf, but to no avail.  Also a number of ferns too.

Plant life, Alfred A Loeb State Park, near Brookings Oregon

Not sure what this plant/tree is, but they have a number of them in these wire cages around the park.  It looks a bit like Poison Oak, but there are no warnings…if it is, I will let you know before we leave because I will surely get it.  Not as bad as my brother Bob who would get it just looking at when he was younger…not sure if that is still the case or not.

Finally, a word about the first line of the blog.  Had a follower by the name of Bob who, while reading the blog on Crescent City, wondered if it was New Orleans I was talking about, or Northern California.  He suggested that I add the location of where we are at the top of the blog to make it easier…so I am going to try and do just that.  I always include the location in Blogger, and they put it at the end of the blog.  Tried to change that to the top, but it won’t do it…so I am just going to manually add it at the top in each blog…when I remember.  Always appreciate constructive suggestions to make the read a bit easier…thanks again Bob.


  1. I've seen some of the same "medical" problems around here. Once it went legal, it's EVERYWHERE!!!!

    1. "IF" it is coming from a RV, or a tent, out of sight, it does not bother me...but when they are walking down to the beach smoking it in front of children...well, that is a bit too far. I knew when I first saw them that there was something going on, and once I talked to the camp hosts and they told me how the youngest kid was running in and out of the shower building with no clothes on, and how the same kid was down by the river without any adult supervision around, and...well, the list was long.


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