Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Took the Motorhome for a Spin to …

Crystal Beach, Fl

Yesterday we took the motorhome for a little drive.  No, we did not go to the location above…that view is from Crystal Beach, a small, somewhat secluded area in Palm Harbor near Tarpon Springs.  The “beach” is not that type of beach one would want to sunbath on, and sometimes there are some swimmers and waders, but most people just go there to walk their dog, enjoy the view, or sit in the park.

Great Egret, Crystal Beach, Fl

American White Ibis, Crystal Beach, Fl       American White Ibis, Crystal Beach, Fl

Crystal Beach is a place where you can view a variety of birds.   The large bird on the lawn is a Great Egret, from what I can tell.  Egrets and Heron’s can be difficult to distinguish for us novice bird watcher when they are pure white like this.  Below in the water are American White Ibis.  We have gone to Crystal Beach many times and have posted pictures before…many times at sunset.  We have seen Pelicans, Seagulls, and other varieties of Egrets, Ibis and even Heron there.

Cracker Barrel, Lakeland Florida  from Google Maps

Where we did go was to Cracker Barrel in Lakeland, Florida.  That is a 60 mile drive from where the RV is parked for the winter, but really 70 miles since we choose to not go through Tampa.  Why Lakeland?  Well, it is half way between where we live, and where Marcia’s brother Dean and wife Caryl live.  We planned to meet there at 11 am.  We pulled in at 10:35, called them and they were about five minutes away.  So I walked Skruffy while Marcia went inside to secure us some seats.  By the time I was done with Skruffy, they had pulled in and the three of us walked in together.  Around 1:00 we got up from the table and sat out front…nice of them to have benches and rockers along their porch.  Of course, I got Skruffy out of the motorhome for visit outside, which lasted another 90 minutes.  Only thing bad all day, outside of Christmas traffic, it was landscaping day at Cracker Barrel…so we had to put up with gas grass blowers, gas sheers, and the noise of a lawn mower for about 45 minutes.  But by 1:00 the restaurant was very busy…so it was definitely time to vacate the premises in there to the outside.  It was nice taking the motorhome out for a spin.  It is good for the motorhome too...sitting all the time is not good, and a 140 mile trip is a good workout compared to the 10 mile trips I take it on once a month to keep the seals from drying out.


After I dropped Marcia and Skruffy off at the Condo, I took the motorhome back to her winter storage.  Stopped by the Post Office to check on the PO Box because my sister told me via email she had sent a package to the PO Box for the doggies Christmas Presents.  Sure enough, in my box is a key to BOX 90.  I go over to Box 90, open the door…and there is NOTHING in there.  The key is automatically stuck in the door when you open it, so I have nothing to even show that key 90 was in my box.  And, of course, the Post Office is closed.  So that is where I am off to this morning…let’s hope that the package is found and is not “definitely lost”.


  1. It's interesting how they do that "box" thing .... I hope they find the doggie's present!!

    1. Here is the long story: When you receive a package which won't fit in your PO Box, but is small enough to fit in what looks like a 12" by 12" box, then they put your package into that temporary box, take the key and put it in your PO Box, which has the number for the larger box so you know where to go. When you use that key, the key is stuck in the door so it is a one-time only use.

      Well, PO Box 125 got a package which they were expecting. The post office put their package in the temporary box #90, then accidentally put the key in my box (which, by-the-way has four digits in the number and not three.) When the person in box 125 went to their box (must have had notification set up on delivery of the package), there was no key.

      They went up front desk where staff looked on their clipboard, and sure enough, box 125 has a delivery in temporary box #90. They went there, opened it up, it was there, so they gave the package to they should.

      Meanwhile, later that same day, I open my box and see key for temporary box 90. Of course, there is nothing in box 90 when I go there. Now HAD the post office been run like a business that cares, they would have put a note in box 90 which explained the situation...but no...I go home thinking someone from the post office has stolen my sister's present to my doggies that she sends each year. By coincidence, she had sent an email which I opened yesterday saying that she had sent the puppies a Christmas box.

      I should have known that the Post Office here in Florida could not have received that box, which she probably mailed Friday or Saturday from California, that quickly. Now my next blog will probably be after Christmas complaining about how the post office ruined my puppies Christmas because they did not get the package from Sis here on time. LOL


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