Friday, December 2, 2016

How to Move an Elephant


How does one move an elephant that wants to be stationary?  It is not a one person job, that is for sure…and then when you move it, where do you take it so that you don’t get in trouble?  After all, you just can’t drop an elephant off anywhere.

Where is this Elephant?

This is the real elephant…it is hiding in this picture.  No, it is not the TV which has a western playing.  Nor is it the hutch that the TV is on, although it is bigger than the elephant.   The elephant I am talking about is the large TV behind the flat screen TV That is on…that thing is a Sony TRINITRON 32" 165 pound television, probably bought by Marcia around 1999, perhaps as late as 2001.  We bought the flat screen TV in December of last year.  I would be embarrassed if we still had it sitting on this open drawer in front of the old TV a year just a couple weeks before that year is up, it needed to go.

Sony Trinitron 32"

This is another angle of a similar Sony Elephant as the one we needed to get rid of.  We asked numerous people, and no one wanted it even though it works and has a good just in not digital.  So it needs to be properly disposed of.  The problem is, at 165 pounds, how does one pick it up and get move it to the car?  Well, there are two maintenance workers here at the condo complex, so I asked them.  Reluctantly, probably because one of them has moved a few of these large TVs before, they said they would help me out on Friday.  So I move the scooter out of the HHR, and I make sure everything is measured, and that the old TV is unplugged from everything.  Then around 1 pm, I get a call from the head maintenance guy…he is sick and wants to wait until next week.

Pasco County Hazardous Waste Collection

The problem is that tomorrow there is a special Pasco County Hazardous Waste Collection which is only a few miles from where we live…if I need to wait, I have to drive four or five times the distance one way…which I don’t want to do.  Called and asked if there would be someone to help get the TV out of the HHR on Saturday, and I was assured there would be.  It will also cost $5 to dispose of it…heck, I’d be willing to pay much more than $5!

Flat Screen in TV Hutch

As you can see…the elephant TV is gone, thank goodness.  There just happened to be a few construction guys working on a neighboring condo.  I asked the General Contractor if it would possible for a couple of guys to help me out…he called on of them and the two of them loaded up the TV into the HHR lickity split.  I offered them some money, and he said “no thank you.”  I asked him if there was anything I could do and he says, “You can get that Condo Association President off my butt!”


I laughed, and told him about how we nearly had to sue the Association to get Skruffy as a Service Dog, and that HUD finally convinced them that due to Marcia’s disability, there was nothing they could do about it.  (Read about Skruffy being a Service Dog here)   Told him that the Condo President does not want to hear from me…heck, he hardly looks at us when we drive by.  Some people will die old and grumpy…he is probably one of them.

Skruffy    Skruffy

One of Skruffy's favorite positions watching me on the computer.  Sometimes she will fall asleep in this position, and a few times I have been able to get up and walk away without her knowing I was gone.  If I hide, she will look and look for me until she finds me…much more fun in the Library when I did this because there were more places to hide (when the library was closed, of course).


Until next time….


  1. I had the same problem ... same kind of TV. I was able to get it into a wheelbarrow where it sat in my dining room for six months. Just finally took it to the high school who was collecting electronics. Such a good feeling to have that stuff gone!!

    1. Yes it does feel good that it is gone! Dropped it of at recycle this morning, three guys there to get it out, paid my $5, and off I went.

  2. Thinking you must watch the same things on TV as the hubby. Sure loves his westerns.

    1. We don't have cable unless we are in the RV and hooked up at a park with cable. We enjoy over-the-air digital TV, though the older shows on ME-TV, GRIT TV, ION TV, and other obscure national stations are not digital programs. However, the few shows we watch in Primetime, like Blue Bloods, Hawaii-5-0, NCIS, etc. are digital. So we watch (if having the TV on while we do other things is really watching) lots of Westerns, Perry Mason, and old sitcoms like Wings, Barney Miller, along with the Carol Burnett Show. TV is just not the same now days compared to back then...


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