Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Card from Soldotna

Skruffy wishing Soldotna Animal Hospital a Merry Christmas

We got our first Christmas Card today…actually we got two cards, one from Marcia’s brother Dean and wife Caryl, and the other from the Soldotna Animal Hospital, with signatures from all the staff.  WOW, did not expect that one.  Real Signatures, different color pens, impressive.  With that, I need to send one back to them, and this blog post is it, and that is Skruffy on our couch wishing the Soldotna Animal Hospital a very Merry Christmas.

Skruffy in Marcia's arms, Tuesday on way to Soldotna Animal Hospital

When they first saw Skruffy, she looked like this.  I took this picture as I drove from Seward to Soldotna.  She was like a limp rag in Marcia’s arms.  They said that a few more hours…2, 4, 8…who knows how long, and it would have been too late.  She was diagnosed with diabetes, dehydration, anemic, and pancreatitis…and this all caused her liver to start going down hill. 

Skruffy & Marcia, Wednesday at Soldotna Animal Hospital

This is her the next day, better, but still very, very sick.  She was in the hospital for two nights.  On Thursday she was a bit worse for our morning visit than she was Wednesday night…I convinced Dr. Bowser (Dr. Meezie was off on Thursday) that it due to her separation anxiety.  He allowed us to take her home for the day as long as we brought her back at 4:00.  When she walked in the door at 4, they wondered if it was the same dog.  She went back home with us that night, and has been with us ever since.

Skruffy & Dave, Wednesday at Soldotna Animal Hospital

We credit Dr. Meezie Hermansen with saving her life that Tuesday afternoon and into the night.  Her call to us around 8:30 that night letting us know that she was responding was like a direct answer from Heaven.  But it was more than a two week struggle to get her totally well…including a trip to Anchorage for a high quality ultrasound. 

Skruffy watching Bird in the Yukon

By mid-July she was back to her normal self…and has been doing well ever since.  She is tested for her diabetes at least twice a week, sometimes more often.  She is just doing great.

Soldotna Animal Hospital 

We are so very thankful for all the staff at the Soldotna Animal Hospital.  EVERYONE was so nice, so caring, so professional in a cheerful way.

Meezie Hermansen, Veterinarian   Meezie Hermansen, Fisherman   Meezie Hermansen, Fisher Poet

And our upmost appreciation to Dr. Meezie Hermansen…a Veterinarian by choice, a fisherman by birth, and a fisher-poet just for fun.

Merry Christmas  


Florida Merry Christmas


  1. Nice! She is a cutie. Like the pic of her watching the bird.

    1. That picture was taken just outside of Alaska in the Yukon city of Beaver Creek. It was the first time she started to really bark at something on her own since being sick. Before that she barked if we said, "Give them a holler."

  2. I'm sure glad you found a good Vet and Skruffy made it through those hard times.

    1. Very trying times 6 months ago...and we found the best Vet in our opinion! :)


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