Saturday, December 10, 2016

Doggie Park Exercise

Skruffy at Dog Park

Since we put Skruffy on the partial dry food and partial can food, she has gained about a pound…so off to the Dog Park we went today, and I will cut down her food by about an ounce for each meal to try and get her back to under 15 pounds…hopefully 14 1/2 which I think is a good weight for her.  Above you can see her with three other dogs in the small dog park.  And yes, that is one large dog in there, but it was a gentle dog who actually got all the dogs playing and running around.  The owner was nice enough to ask everyone if it was ok.  She said that he was having a hard time with the large dogs in the larger dog park area because he is just too timid for them.  Thought it was nice she asked.

Skruffy at Dog Park

I am going to try and get her over to the park 3-4 times per week.  She really enjoys it, and it will be good for her to run around, which is probably why she is gaining some weight here.  I took her with me to PetSmart to get more food because that is where I last weighed her.  I told Marcia that I thought she was a bit heavier, and sure enough…that extra pound.  With a diabetic dog, that matters…hopefully she will be down around 14.5 next time I weigh her in January.

Eat Greek Kouzina

Marcia’s son John turned 45 (cough! cough! … try reversing the 4 and the 5) yesterday so we took him to the restaurant that his girlfriend Tara works at, Eat Greek Kouzina.  We had never eaten there before, and we really enjoyed it…especially the Octopus that owners wanted Marcia to try.  Of course, since they provided it and wanted all our opinions, we all had to try it.  John had one small bite, I had about four bites.  Found it to be similar to a overcooked scallop, and the slightly spicy sauce they served over it was pretty good.  I really like scallops, even when they are overcooked, so I was pleasantly surprised.  I had the meat platter, and Marcia had Grouper…needless to say, we brought some of it home with us.  At the end of the meal Tara brought out a small cake with a large 4 and 5 on it.  John had joked earlier in the day that it was nice being 45 again, so that is what she put on the cake as a joke.  We all were too full to have cake though. so he took it home to have with her later.

Santa in his sleigh

Just in case anyone needed a reminder…Christmas eve is 2 weeks away.  Was getting out of my car headed into the grocery store the other day and a guy says, “Hi Santa” to me.  Yep, it is that time of year again…perhaps I should get out the black shoe polish to darken up my beard a bit.   Santa Wink


  1. Still haven't gotten mine to a doggie park. One of these days I'll give it a shot with Cooper.

    1. I know our dogs love dog parks...overwhelmed by the smells.


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