Saturday, June 18, 2016

Weather Can’t ALWAYS be Nice – Seward Alaska

Resurrection Bay on a rainy, cloudy, icky day

WOW, what a change one day makes!  This is how it has been all day, slight rain from time to time, can’t see across the bay, but can see most of the of the boats that pass by.  No Cruise ships today…should be another large one in tomorrow.

Seward Waterfront Park on a rainy, cloudy, icky day     Seward Waterfront Park on a rainy, cloudy, icky day

The amount of people out and about was down by 90%…and when they did come out, they typically went right back in again.  I went to the store, and went to the public library to download some movies to our kindles…that was about it.   We will stay here in Seward through Monday, perhaps beyond, but for sure through Monday.  We do not have hookups, and we dumped our tanks and filled up our water yesterday, so we will be fine until Tuesday.

boat out on Resurrection Bay

Just can’t imagine how things are on a day like this with these folks…or with the Cruise Ship passengers who paid mega bucks, and won’t see much.  As for us, we can sit it out and wait until things clear up.


  1. My kind of day ..... I love the rain!!

    1. Big Cruise Ship pulled in this did the heavier rain. Poor folks...


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