Thursday, June 16, 2016

More of Seward Alaska, Skruffy Update

USCGC Mustang in Resurrection Bay, Seward Alaska

Saw the USCGC Mustang leave port and head out to sea this morning, named after Mustang Island off the coast of Texas, it is an Island-class cutter of the United States Coast Guard, stationed in Seward. 

USCGC Mustang in Resurrection Bay, Seward Alaska    USCGC Mustang in Resurrection Bay, Seward Alaska

There are seven of these type of ships in Alaska.   When it returned later in the day, and the sun was overhead, it made for a more dramatic photo.  This is the first time we saw the Coast Guard while in any Alaska port.

Skruffy      Skruffy

This morning I caught Skruffy taking one of her little naps between the driver and passenger chairs.  I said, “What’s that?”, and she really let one out!  (Either that, or she was saying, “Let me sleep, my butt is a hurting!!!)   A good sign that she is feeling better.  Her appitite is not back to normal, but is much better than the past two days.  She jumped up on the foot rest part of my lounge chair (for food, of course), and her desire for peanut butter has returned (which is good since I give her pill to her in peanut butter.)   Overall, she is getting back to her normal self, as evidenced by her continual barking at each and every dog walking near or by our site each time I had her outside today.  And her open wound is looking much better than it did two days ago.

SilverSeas "Silver Shadow" Ship in Resurrection Bay, Seward Alaska
SilverSeas "Silver Shadow" Ship in Resurrection Bay, Seward Alaska     SilverSeas "Silver Shadow" Ship in Resurrection Bay, Seward Alaska

Cruise Ship snuck in on everyone very early this morning…not sure what time, but there was some engines sounds around 4 am.  (Remember, it is light at 4 am).   Above it is backing out of the harbor, and it turns around right in front of where we are parked.  The larger ones have to back up further down the bay before they turn around.

Mural in Seward Alaska

Seward has a number of murals on buildings in the town.  Of course, the sea life is the main theme of many of the murals.

Mural in Seward Alaska     Mural in Seward Alaska

Mural in Seward Alaska     Mural in Seward Alaska

Except for the one with whales (upper left of the four above), they seem to be in great shape.  They had better do some restoration on that whale mural, because I know from experience in Pine Bluff that the murals can get destroyed very quickly if they are not fixed right away.

Seward from the other side of Resurrection Bay

Seward from the other side of Resurrection Bay       Seward from the other side of Resurrection Bay

I ventured over to the other side of the bay today, found it hard to find a clear open shot of the town of Seward and where we are camping.

Seward from the other side of Resurrection Bay showing our Motorhome

I did zoom in and find the motorhome, where Bubba, Skruffy and Marcia were at.  Hard to make it out, but it is right there in the bottom middle.  Took this around 2 pm, and by 6 pm the park had many more RVs in it.  Every night we have been here at least a few RVs have pulled into the park after 11 pm.  Not really accustomed to that, but hey, you have light at all times of the day and night right now and some people just time their arrival in the middle of the normal “nighttime”, which here is known as “dusk-time”.


  1. I loved the murals all over Alaska ... every town seems to have quite a few, but those in Seward were the prettiest!! Glad Skruffy is better!!

    1. Yes, I have noticed them in other areas too, but I thought these were worth taking pictures of. Hope your trip goes well, take care.

  2. It is nice that her personality is coming back...this morning after a 4 am quick outside squat, she came in and wanted up on the bed (puts front legs up on foot of bed so I can push her up via my hand against her butt)...she had not done this for a few days now! All of these good signs of her recovery.

  3. Keep enjoying those nice temps. We came back to a too warm Anchorage, even the bag boys at the grocery were complaining. I guess you saw our famous prison that Baker Bob called home. Look him up, good story of a twisted mind.

    1. Rain starts tonight or tomorrow...but we will enjoy it anyway.

      Yes, had heard about Baker Bob from TV shows and from newspapers way back when...


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