Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pray for Skruffy PLEASE!!!

Skruffy and Dave

Skruffy went WAY DOWN HILL last night, tossed up a big fur-ball, could not hold water down.  Vet in Seward is out for a week, so off we went to Soldotna.  Ran some blood test and she is chronic diabetic, her poop is blocking her colon (if poop was the only problem, we would be happy), she needs fluids, has dropped a pound in past week even though she was eating (until yesterday).  The next 24-48 hours are critical…please, pray for our little Skruffy dog, and for us to have the strength to handle whatever is next…

Skruffy at the Library helping Dave

This is how she was just a few days after I first got her…rescuing her off the streets.

Skruffy at the Computer helping Dave

One of many favorite pictures…taken when her and I took off from Arkansas, headed to Indiana to get a lift put on our first motorhome so that Marcia, who had just undergone hip surgery, could get into the motorhome.  Skruffy was and is my little helper.  Dog owners and dog lovers know that a dog holds a special place in the heart of its owner.  Unlike a child who you raise, love and cherish, but you turn lose upon the world to make a life for themselves…a dog always needs an owner to provide for it…and in exchange, they always give unfeigned love, quick to forgive and forget, and always happy to see you…until they are sick.

Skruffy and Marcia

Family who read this, or read a text first, please understand that if I talk, you won’t understand a word I would say through the weeping and tears.  Love you all…love Skruffy too.

To all who comment, they will be read, doubt they will be answered for now.


  1. I just gave prayers for you two to have the strength to deal with whatever comes about, and sweet Skruffy has his own prayers being sent his way. God knows what's best at this time..

  2. Prayers that Skruffy is going to be okay:) Thinking of all of you:)

  3. UPDATE!!!

    As Marcia Theodore and I were praying for our meal (Amy's frozen food, not bad at all) and of course started with our little Skruffy first, moved over to mom and dad (who just went into Assisted Living Situation over the weekend), the cell phone rings, "And bless this food...Amen" HELLO... It was the Vet, she said we are not out of the woods yet, but Skruffy is reacting positively to the insulin so far, and even went "outside to pee" and gave her (the vet) a holler or two (bark), and lots of tail wags. "Compared to the lethargic condition she was in when you got here," she said, "this is all very good news." Keep up the prayers, and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Can see her around 8:30 in the morning, will let you know when we know more...but so far, looking much better than just 6 hours ago when we arrived at the Vets office.

    BTW, some may wonder about the Vets in Alaska. Not all are good ole boys like that guy in Seward, but you know, he had what he needed, but lacked the help and the technology to do what these folks in Soldotna. This is a first class vet's office, they do work on some of the musher dogs...having pictures of some on their office wall with handwritten notes on them...so we are VERY impressed with this place. Still like the guy in Seward, but we did not know what we know now...that her extra long drinks of water was not from the long nights, low humidity...nor were her longer pees than normal. Had we shared that in Seward, I am sure he would have checked for this...but we did not even share it here until asked...we just did not know.

  4. So glad you have found an excellent place for Scruffy's care and that it looks like some improvement. Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated.

  5. YAY!! I'm SO happy for you!! Praying her condition continues to get better!! It's just way too hard to see our furry babies not feeling well.

    1. The words, "...if she makes it through the night..." and "she is one sick puppy..." make your heart stop beating, your mind stop thinking, your chest stop breathing, your eyes stop being dry...

  6. Praying Dave and so glad to hear there is improvement. Believe me...I know where you are coming from as I am mom to my two Golden fur kids, Joy and Shiloh.
    Hugs, Micky ( onewanderingspirit.wordpress.com )

    1. Yes, I read your blog all the time...I hope YOU are feeling better. Thanks, and we would love to meet Joy and Shiloh some day (and you of course)


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