Thursday, December 17, 2015

Test Posting of New Open Source Live Writer


Many of the Bloggers who use Google’s Blogger use a non-Google program to write their blogs, and then post them Blogger.


Microsoft has a free program called Live Writer.  Many use that program, however….


In early December Live Writer and other programs would not authenticate with Google’s Blogger, hence, we could not mover our blogs over to Blogger to publish.


Well, Microsoft released Live Writer out to the world of Open Source, and on the same day Google turned off access (ability to post using the new or the old Live Writer) until the new Open Source Live Writer could meet the proper authentification methods demanded by Google.  The Open Soure team worked hard for a good ten days to make this happen, and it finally happened yesterday.  This blog is my test to be sure it works, and as you can see from my different sizes and shapes of pictures, and text styles, it seems to be working great.  So Microsoft Live Writer has been replaced by Open Source Live Writer, and for me, as you can tell above, it does everything the Microsoft version was doing.  Now, as an Open Source, I think we will see additions and improvements over time.


All I can say is that I am glad it went down now and not during our trip to Washington State.  All of these pictures on the test post were taken in Washington along the west side of Olympic National Park, in the City of La Push within the Quileute Indian Reservation.

 Test Over

PS:  Health Update:   We stayed home from Church Sunday and Wednesday.  I am feeling real good, Marcia is still coughing, at times a bit hard.  We rescheduled a few meetings with others for lunch, etc.   I have 90+% of the items transferred from motorhome to condo, got our car and RV registrations done for the year, renewed Marcia’s ADA placard for parking, paid bills, cleaned ceiling fans, changed A/C filters, and we still have a bunch of cleaning up.  Since Marcia got this crude about 6 days after I did, I figure she will be out and about again by Sunday.  Winking smile


  1. Great post Dave. I'm sure excited about Open Live Writer. I've got a post almost ready to test out tomorrow. Or who knows, maybe tonight yet.

    1. Now that it has gone to open source, I think we will see improvements to the program. For instance, I have been wanting to change the default font size for a long time, and although I can change it for a particular post, it would be nice if it started out at the font size I want each and every time. I think over time that will be one of what I hope will be many improvements of what already is a great program.


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