Friday, December 4, 2015

FINALLY done with Texas

We entered Texas on Tuesday around 2 pm….today is Friday and we finally entered Oklahoma around noon today.  That’s a lot of Texas when all you are doing is passing through!   From Van Horn we made it to Sweetwater where we stayed at a park which is only 3 or 4 months old.  It is a Good Sam park, right across from the Love’s.  It had 13 cable channels which came in crystal clear…until our neighbor got in from work.  (Yes, new park and already has a considerable long-term 5th wheel crowd there.)

 Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center map

Tonight we are staying at the Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center which is NOT at the location which Google Maps has, nor our GPS.   Highway 270 shoots down from I-40 just east of Oklahoma City.  Turn east on Leo Street and take immediate right into the Expo area and follow the RV signs to the RV Park.

 Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center map

For $20, you get full hookups, and LOTS or area to choose from.  I think around twenty units are in the park right now, and the park holds 360 units.  So it is easy to find  place away from everyone else, that’s for sure.   We parked, unhooked the car and I went and found out where to pay.   Then we went to Cracker Barrel and we were in for the night by 4:30 pm.  Marcia is getting better, I am 95% or more.  Only have a sort, under three hour drive tomorrow, already have gas, I already hooked up the car again, so it should be a nice, smooth easy drive to Fort Smith where we will stay for a few nights.

Flying J / Pilot

We typically fill up at Flying J or at Pilot.  This morning, with Love’s right across the street, we did fill up there.  Paid the lowest price for gas today than I have in a LONG LONG LONG time…only $1.729 using our discount card at the Pilot just east of Oklahoma City  Paid $1.779 earlier at Love’s.  Paid around $1.859 yesterday in eastern Texas.  In California we paid in the neighborhood of $2.70, so we have saved a buck per gallon since then.  It is nice when the pumps turn off due to a full tank before the $75 limit using Discover Card stops the pumps for you.  By-the-way, we are getting right around 8.8 miles per gallon since we entered Arizona.


  1. Looks like you're making good time to me!! I hate it when my GPS says something is where it isn't!! Happened to me in Quartzsite of all places!!

    1. It happens way to often if you ask me. Have learned to look on Google Maps before (and sometimes during) each leg of a trip. Bad GPS directions has made me unhook the car to turn around three times now, but not in the last two years. Once, coming out of a gas station, both the GPS and a sign said turn left, even though I knew I should turn right...I lucked out on that one in that a mile down the road I found a parking lot to turn around in.


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