Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Running the Road, or is it a Road Runner

I-8 between Yuma and I-10

First time we had been on this stretch of road…I-8 from Yuma to I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson.  Found it to be a bumpy road with lots of desert views.

Road Runner cartoon

I kept thinking that a Road Runner would show up and add some excitement to the day.  Marcia slept for about a third of the trip, the cold is really doing her in.  I was thankful that the traffic was nil compared to Sunday’s traffic…at least until we hit I-10 that is.  Had a few stops along the way…one was at one of those “picnic areas” which had few visitors at it, so it was ideal to walk the dogs there.  Oh, and what do you think I saw???

Road Runner

Yep, it was the elusive Road Runner in person.  Now first I had to put the dogs back in and get the camera out.  Second, I had to find this critter again, and there it was headed for a bush.

Road Runner

Out it came from a series of bushes, and BINGO, got my first real shot.  Off it went, and there I go shooting shot after shot to no avail….but if you keep at it, and move parallel to it, you might just get a picture of it running…

Road Runner

Yep, there it is…my first Road Runner, and I hope it is not my last.

Pato Blanco logo

Back in January 2014 we were driving from Phoenix to Florida and our first stop was in Benson Arizona at the Pato Blanco RV Resort.  Decided to stay there again this time, as a Passport America park it is only $21.50 plus tax. Did not make reservations last time, nor this time, and there was plenty of space.  Only hooked up electricity and cable since it will be freezing tonight.  Hope to make it to Van Horn Texas tomorrow…we did that last time, hope to do it this time too.  At least it will be warmer in Texas during the night.


  1. In the summer of 1980, I was driving between LA and Las Vegas, and saw roadrunners. :( :)

    1. It is an interesting bird, that is for sure.


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