Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What a Weekend!


A few weeks ago Arny’s Uncle, Euleda’s brother, passed away.  Sunday was the funeral service.  Saturday Arny and Sandy had a barbeque so that the family, most from out-of-town, could gather, eat, enjoy each other’s company.  Not in the mood to take pictures of this type of gathering, let’s just say it was a heartwarming, yummy day.  Little did we know that Sunday would hold another big surprise for us all….

Mom in ER

Yes, that is mom..lying in an emergency room bed.  Around 3 pm I went over to their house, just two doors down, and had an hour long visit.  Mom had mentioned having some tummy problems, but that is not out of the ordinary with mom.  Back to the motorhome by 4 pm, get a call from dad at 5:30 that mom is having severe chest pains, 911 has been called, and please tell Sandy…who I thought was still at the funeral.  As I went out the gate, Sandy and Arny had just pulled up.  She said she would help get Euleda in the house and then be right over…I hear a siren off in the distance.

ambulance    firetruck

In Sacramento County, the ambulance system for emergencies is part of the fire department.  They both show up, quickly get the cart into the house, get her vitals, and within 10 minutes she is out the door and headed off.  I take dad and we pull up shortly after the ambulance….Sandy follows quickly behind   On the way we call Patti, and she heads over too, but is held up by traffic. 


We mainly sit in the waiting room, get good news that she has a good strong heart and heart attack is ruled out.  Ended up being more like a case of severe gastritis.  We all head home around 11 pm with mom. 

As of Tuesday night, all is well…she is doing much better, got a fairly good nights sleep on Monday.  I picked up her prescription yesterday, and all she needs to do now is call her primary doctor and get a refill on this prescription.  Should have got a picture of her today to share…but you will just have to trust me that she is fine.


  1. I praise God your mom is fine! Hallelujah! Blessings, Lynn

  2. Wow, what a scare for sure! I'm so happy that your mom is OK!

    1. Yes, scary but now all is fine, which is what counts.

  3. Wow that was scary. So glad to hear her heart is strong.

    1. Thank you Sherry. I do hope David is doing well...wish you all did not have to go through this so that you can continue giving them big trees some big hugs.

  4. What a scare. I'm so glad it turned out okay. And good news about her heart.


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