Friday, June 26, 2015

Granite Flat Campground

Granite Flat Campground

I don’t think we have we ever gone back to the same campground during the same trip, but this time we did.  We escaped the crowd at Zephyr Cove before 10 am, and pulled into the campground here around 11:15.  Construction still going on, but traffic was lighter, and we had more downhill too.  At 6 pm I took down the solar panel, and took a quick stroll around the park.  There are twice as many campers in the park now than on Monday when we arrived, but it is still quiet (so far).

Granite Flat Campground    Granite Flat Campground
Granite Flat Campground

Although there are six or seven campers behind us, there is nothing next door on either side, but in the next loop down there are a lot more campers, but they are so far away this should not cause problems.  However, the site next to us on he driver’s door is reserved starting tomorrow until July 2nd, I just hope they too are a quiet group.

Truckee River

The Truckee River runs along the entire eastern side of this campground.  The level as you see today (June 26th) is what it would normally look like in late August or early September.  The Truckee is the only outlet river for Lake Tahoe, and they do have it damned to time the release of water through the long hot summer and into fall.  I wonder if it is going to dry up this year before the next winter storms replenish Lake Tahoe to get it high enough for the Truckee to run again.

Truckee River

I really like this picture…it kind of reminds me of a Bob Ross painting.  I can see him color the canvas blue, then add the happy little clouds, then cut in the hill to the right, the water, the land to the left, then the smaller trees.  After that he would say, “Let’s see, I think one lives right here”…an proceeds to place the large trees into the picture.  The only thing missing is his trademark little cabin.

Truckee River with photoshoped cabin

There we go…something like that.  (wonders of photoshop).

Truckee River

One thing about a river, you go down stream or up stream a bit and the picture changes.  Only wish the sky was blue, I think the Washington Fire smoke is reaching even over her near Truckee.

Robin in Truckee River

Another thing about rivers is you usually see wildlife around…all I saw was a few of these giant Robins.

Granite Flat Campground Map

I do like the layout of the park…had it not been so close to highway 89, it would be a great campground.  Looked for other NF Parks, but with the weekend, this looked like the best bet, so that is why we are back.  Three days of no electrical hookups will give me a good idea of what we are capable of doing.  I figure the generator will run first thing in the morning (after 7:30 that is) and again before we go to sleep for 30-45 minutes each.  That should keep us charged about the 50% level, which is our goal.  Tomorrow we are going to see the sites of Truckee.


  1. Great pics! Seems there's been some heat everywhere. Hope it's staying cool up there!!

    1. In this our sixth day up at 7k elevation, we have had highs in the low 90's, and lows between 35-45 degrees! The contrast from lows to highs is amazing, and the low 90's feels like the mid-80's. Have not used the A/C except while traveling in the car.


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