Monday, June 29, 2015

Trip Recap – All Systems A-OK

Camping at Granite Flat N.F. Campground

Five nights of no-hookups at Granite Flat N.F. Campground, and two nights of full-hookups at Zephyr Cove Resort and I have to say that everything went real real good.  Still have a few issued to work out with the no-hookups pertaining to running two computers, aircard, and aircard booster all off of two 12 cigarette lighter plugins.  Also, the 12V power supply for Marcia’s computer has not worked since the day I bought it…don’t know if it the wrong one, or just was broken out of the box…so we have had to run a small inverter for her computer.  I know the set-up won’t make us “generator free”, but an hour a day of generator timed at times that we make coffee or use the microwave, is not bad.


Citrus Heights has an elevation of around 200 feet, and up here in the Lake Tahoe/Truckee area we are at 5,500 – 6,000 feet level, with passes as high as 7,000+.  One would think that Donner Summit was the hardest to get up, but actually the stretch of Cal Hwy 267 at Brockway Summit was the hardest to go over both going to and coming from Tahoe.  With I-80 the climb is steep, but you can gain momentum.  On 267 the momentum is stopped by sharp curves and slower speeds leading up to the climbs.  I had to put it into first gear, 20 mph for a small stretch both coming and going.  And when I pulled over for others to pass…getting going from 5 mph while climbing is rough.  But our V-10 engine did great, all temps were normal, and there was no hesitation…just slow speeds at times.

Tire Pressure System

The tire pressure monitor worked real good.  When we left Tahoe one of the duel tires, due to high elevations, started out at 75 psi, while the others were at 76, but they all climbed to the desired 80 psi within just minutes…and after a long stretch seem to max out around 88-90 psi.  It really does add a level of comfort and assurance knowing that our tires are at and are holding at proper inflation levels.

Dump Station

We already know our limits as far as the septic tanks are concerned…and it was nice having full hookups in Tahoe for two very long showers each during our two day stay.  Our toilet system is a Vacuflush, which is what boats use.

Vacuflush System

There are some special parts that need to be replaced from time to time, and it is time.  I just need to decide if I want to do it, or pay someone else to do it.  

Battery Solenoids

All of our electrical issues seem to be behind us. When we get back to my sisters, I will check all of the connections and see if they held or not.  It is going to be something I will need to do from time to time.


After a minor adjustment before we left on this trip with the slide, it has been working real good.  After putting in the new floor, the “stop” needed some adjustment as it was not closing well up in Oregon.  It was an easy fix which McCullough RV did as part of their warranty.  Those folks are GREAT!

Front Tire  Back Tire

Although I talked about the tire pressure monitor, I should have mentioned the new tires.  WOW, what a great thing that has been.  I have also purchased some new valves to carry since Discount Tire does not seem to carry this type of valve.  For around $25 I have six valves.  Good insurance.


So what’s up next for us?  After the 4th of July we will go on another short, week long excursion.  Then we will come back and evaluate things again.  One step at at time…  For now we will again enjoy family, and enjoy another 4th of July in the Sacramento area.


  1. Glad your test run worked out so well. That's interesting about your toilet. Ours is just gravity all the way. I'll have to show Ron.

  2. Where they put the black tank is not under the toilet and so it has to pump the stuff over into the black tank.


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