Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bad Boy Forgets Anniversary

late for an important date
forgot1    forgot2

Oh, I can hear the cries out there in BLOG READING LAND, how could you possibly do such a thing?  You are retired, have less pressure……HOW could you POSSIBLY FORGET your FOURTH Wedding Anniversary?

ring reminder

HEY DAVE, they have Rings which warm up to help remind you of your Wedding Day!!!!  (Yes, but Dave can’t wear rings, his fingers turn green, blister, etc…..not a pretty site.)

Marcia and I married on February 25, 2011, a cold, wet day in Pine Bluff Arkansas.  Other than the preacher friend of mine named Robert, who performed the ceremony, it was just the two of us, with Skruffy in the car, barking of course.

Dave and Marcia Wedding Day

Here we were on that date…what a lovely UNFORGETABLE day that was indeed.

I forgot

So, how did I forget?   Beats me…..  When did I remember????   This morning, March 1st…..yep, I didn’t even get the right month!!!!   Hit me over the head with a stick!   Beam me up Spock….well, can’t use that line anymore, God rest his soul.


So this morning I wake up, around 6:10 am, have a “not so common” headache.  Get up and take an Aleve, lay back down hoping the headache will go away by 6:45 when we typically get up on Sunday for church.   I start wondering in my groggy morning mind just how long I might be able to lay down in case my head doesn’t feel better in 30 minutes.   Now what time does church start?  Is it 9 am or 9:30????   Let’s see, when Marcia and I dated over the Internet via Skype, she would leave for church at….  “OH NO, THAT WAS FOUR YEARS AGO, I MISSED OUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!!” 

Now I had a choice to make…..

I could just pretend that I did not remember still…, that will just delay the inevitable. 

I could “HOPE” that I was not the only one to forget it, that might be right because she keeps thinking our anniversary is on the 28th, which was last night…..I’ll just bet…..

“Hey Marcia.”  


We forgot our anniversary….”

“No we didn’t, hmmm, what is today?”

“Today is March 1st hun.”

“Oh, crap!”
dodged one
I think they call that, “Dodging a bullet”.  Open-mouthed smile
complete me
But it probably wouldn’t have mattered…..because the above is certainly true….and after all, we are still in love.

And now YOU KNOW, the REST of the STORY.


  1. Happy anniversary to you both. I think you celebrate your union every day. Anniversaries are for couples who need to be reminded.

    1. Thank you Barbara, I will have to remember that line next year when I forget but she has remembered.

  2. Ha, ha! We forget all of the time too! But I've known enough unhappily married couples who make a big deal of anniversaries to realize that remembering one day is not what it's about. :-)

    1. Funny thing is, we had just talked about it the week before...but on "the day", it slipped by both of us...and to not even catch it for 3+ days....just not like us.

  3. I'm happy that you love each other so much, that remembering or forgetting your anniversary date is not truly important when missed. Happy Anniversary! You both are blessed...

    1. Thanks least we "did" go out to dinner that night, it just happened to fall on Wednesday and we always go to Chick fil A on our way to Wednesday night church. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! I can totally understand how you would forget. We never know what the date is because it doesn't really matter most of the time.

    1. As one who seems to always know the time and the day/date, this really caught me off guard. I can't wear a watch, use to carry a pocket watch but now I just look at my cell phone for the time. Marcia is amazed when she asks me what time it is and I can tell her, without looking, within five minutes "most" of the time.

  5. Happy Anniversary you two! Everyday is a day to celebrate together, not just 'one' day on the calendar! :)

  6. Happy Anniversary!! It's never too late to celebrate!!!


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