Sunday, February 22, 2015

Meet the Newest Member of the Family -- Hattie


Hattie is four years old, we think.  She has had more than one litter, with the most recent litter at the end of last year.  She and the puppies were put into a shelter, and the puppies were all “rescued”, and now Hattie is rescued.  Just like Skruffy, Hattie has heart worms too.
Now, as Paul Harvey use to say, this is the “rest of the story”.

We went over to the Orlando area, fighting the bitter 30+ degree night time temps, to visit Marcia’s brother Dean and his wife Caryl.  We took Skruffy and Bubba with us, and although there was some “are we going to get along” moments with Hattie, everything worked out.

You see, Dean and Caryl found Hattie in a shelter in late December…and it was LOVE at first sight….and Hattie is Dean and Caryl’s dog, not ours.  The NEWEST member of the family is a COUSIN!

Hattie and Skruffy   Hattie and Bubba 
Hattie and Skruffy

After our first attempt failed, we finally got both dogs inside the house with Hattie and everyone got along just fine …. although there was a lot of stares (and sniffing).


Skruffy kept a closer eye on Hattie than Bubba did….


….this is the only picture I could get of Bubba with his eyes open!

Hattie and Skruffy    Hattie and Skruffy

Skruffy’s size probably had a lot to do with it….Hattie is not a large dog, but she is much larger than Skruffy.  Hattie is, from what they have been told, part Beagle and part Corgi.  Her heart worm treatments will be over soon, and in a month after her last shot they can let her “be a real dog”…until then she is on low excitement – low exertion for now.  


Hattie is a wonderful dog.  Her eyes can look so sad at times, her fur is soft (the patch missing on her side in this photo is for the treatment she is getting for heart worms), and she is as friendly as can be.  Welcome to the family Hattie!

Valentines Day Flowers

By-the-way, the flowers did open by Valentines Day, and my lovely wife was as happy as could be.  Winking smile


  1. Hattie is adorable:) So glad she was rescued. Good to see the cousins getting to know each other:)

    Beautiful roses:)

  2. Hattie has soulful eyes. Good for Dean and Caryl for giving a forever home to a shelter dog with problems. This just makes me grin from ear to ear. Please thank them for me. So many people want only "perfect" dogs and can't see that shelter dogs are perfect with a world of love to give. Hope the cousins will have a great time when they can romp and play together.

    1. You are so right Sherry. Nothing better than a rescue dog, Skruffy can attest to that. And Bubba was the "runt" of the one else wanted him, and he too, in a way, was saved by Marcia. Ted and Caryl read the blog, and I am sure they will see your comment.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes she is Lynn. At first she felt she needed to protect her territory, but after she got over that, she and Skruffy and Bubba did just fine together. She sure has found a GREAT home.

  4. So glad you go for the rescues ... they need somebody to love them!!

    1. For us, rescues are the only way to go. Glad Marcia's brother and sister-in-law saw it the same way too. Hattie is a doll.


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