Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Things One Does to Get Marcia in a Picture


There you go, no other words needed…..


For you travelers who have lost track of “the days”, and it does happen, flowers and candy is not because I did something wrong, it is because Saturday is Valentines Day.  After hearing the 1800-FLOWERS commercials last week, especially the ones that advertised getting TWO dozen for the price of ONE if you order by Tuesday (which was February 3rd), so I decided to skip the local florist and give them a try.  Did it all through the Internet, did not talk to a sole.  Picked delivery for Thursday so that on Saturday the buds will be fully blooming, and she will be able to enjoy them ALL DAY LONG instead of from when they were delivered on.  


The day after my order was placed I received the UPS tracking number, and then last night it showed the order was processed and they had departed Hialeah, Florida, which is north of Miami, and the flower industry is very large down in that area.  Before I went to bed I saw they had made there way to Orlando, and in the morning I saw they were out for delivery.  And yes, they did not come until 6:25 pm, as I was making Stir Fry for dinner.  However, I was impressed in the container they were shipped in, very secure…I had a vase included, and they threw in the chocolates due to the early delivery.  (All I knew was that there would be something special…very glad it was chocolate! Smile )

Tomorrow we are going to “beat the crowds” and go to Mama Maria’s for a very early dinner, and then on Valentines Day I am going to broil up some New York steaks, she is going to cook some shrimp and veggies, and we will enjoy Valentines Day to ourselves.  


Well…. almost by ourselves.


In the background of the very first picture above you can see the top of this chair, and it reminded me that I never did talk about or show Marcia’s Christmas present, the  Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat.  She said that it is wonderful to use, but it is something that one would not want to constantly sit on, so it is on a second chair next to where she sits and since both chairs are on wheels, it is easy to change in and out of when she uses it.  We got it through Amazon, and here are the advertised features:
  • 4 Adjustable Moving Shiatsu Massage Nodes for the Neck Area with soothing Heating Function that can be turned on and off separately.
  • 4 Shiatsu Massages Nodes for the Back/Lumber Area performs Deep-Kneading & Rolling Massages with adjustable positions, focus areas, height, & width.
  • 3 levels of vibration massage on the seat cushion.
  • Impressive Customizability gives you total control to create unique massage experiences that fits your needs. Attach easily to any chair with its adjustable back strap.
  • 15 Minute Auto Shut-Off.

And I close with this special card for my first Valentine…..



  1. Your title and lead paragraph/pic made me giggle! And Marcia you are beautiful!

    1. Thank you Cindy, and yes, she is a beauty, but some people just don't like their pictures taken.

  2. I'm catching up on my blog reading. Those flowers are gorgeous. I love all the colors. And I can't believe they threw in at nice box of chocolates. YUM.

    1. And I was right, they were even better on the 14h for Valentines Day!

  3. What a really sweet post Dave. You are a fabulous Valentine to both of your lucky women!

    1. Thanks. As for the song, which I assume you heard, bottom link in post, mom and I would sit at our old piano when I was just four or so and that is the song we would sing....kind of became our song. I was youngest of four boys, girls came into the picture later through adoption--one legal adoption, others as adults who joined in (girls are all half sisters by birth through same mother)


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