Friday, February 6, 2015

After the Rain, Door Fix, Skruffy Video


We got about an inch of rain Sunday night – Monday morning.  After I drove over to the motorhome to finish up the door fix (story below), I saw some blue skies to the north and decided to head back over to Robert K Rees Memorial Park where at first I was alone….but that did not last even long enough for me to finish up my Raspberry Ice Tea I got when I filled up with gas ($1.99, up 10 cents from a week ago).


Last week when we both were here, we did not walk the boardwalk to the north side of the small peninsula that the park is on.  Today, without the crowd, I decided to take the short walk, no more than two tenths each way, through a bunch of Mangroves.


Well, that’s the view from the north side…oh well, it was still a nice walk.


On the way home I see this Osprey nest, and normally where there is a nest, there will be an Osprey near by….you can see it I the upper part of the dead tree to the left of the nest.


Unfortunately I did not have the newer camera in the car, it zooms in much more, but this is still a pretty good shot.

3a    3b

I had mentioned before that I had a few minor repairs to compete.  Today I installed the new acrylic glass sliding window in the door.  I have broken two different sliding glass windows, and each time I replaced it with an acrylic window.  Don’t know how I do it….has something with letting the dogs out on a leash from the door and when they come back in I pull on the inner door handle which, if the sliding window is not fully open, can, and does shatter the window.  As you can see in the lower picture above I also installed a bar to go across the door, something I picked up at Camping World.  This will make it easier for Marcia to close (it was her request) and it will help me to not break the acrylic window.


Ok, I know some of you are just getting this far into the blog because you wanted to see the Skruffy video.  I have been working with her on being more “patient” when she gets her morning and evening treat.  I got this short video of her on Monday.  Essentially I hold a small portion of a Beggin Strip in my hand, and then I toss it to the floor.  She will watch for it, and then normally wait for my “go get it” before she takes off.  Got this video in one take.


  1. What a sweet video! Thank you! Blessings...

    1. As a rescue dog, Skruffy has ALWAYS gobbled up her treats, not uncommon with dogs which have been abused or abandoned. I talked to Arny today and he could not believe how she didn't just jump down there right away...when he gives her and Bubba treats when we are in Sacramento she just gobbles them away.


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