Saturday, March 7, 2015

25 Days, Less an Hour, to Alaska Trip


You either Love it, or Hate it…..I hate it.  I would like the time to just stay on one or the other, this twice a year change is really, uhhhh, (watch how you put this Dave), uhhh, ok, revert to Greek,  SKATA!

I’ll just have to keep focused on our Trip to Alaska…..leaving these lower 48 states, 47 of which I have been to before, and head up through two Canadian Provinces (neither of which either of us have been to before), and into Alaska which will be my 48th state.
But first we need to get out to California for my son’s graduation from Cal where he will have earned a Masters in Public Policy, and, crossing our fingers, he might have a job lined up with the City of San Francisco, AND, we will get to meet his girl friend….another first because I have not met her before.
Before that we will be going through Yuma because I need new glasses, and we have a few people to visit along the way too.  By May 20th, give or take a few days, we will leave the Sacramento area and head up I-5.

Storage Bin, Dynamax Isata     Storage Bin, Dynamax Isata 

Storage Bin, Dynamax Isata

It took me a year to decide how I wanted to store things in the one storage space we have underneath that isn’t dedicated to sewer or to utilities hookups.  I got these blue sorting boxes in a few weeks ago and sorted nearly everything out.  In that green/black bag is my tools, so I still am looking for a tool bag (not box).


Skruffy was looking, how do you say it, oh ya….looking Scruffy.


Now that’s better….but I don’t know why I got that giraffe in such a position, it was not planned that way…..

Skruffy   Skruffy At Computer

Above left is how she looked when I first got her in 2009, and above right is how she looked when we left Pine Bluff back in 2012.

Much, much better…..but it doesn’t last long, so I guess keeping the name the guys at the construction company gave her when she was “rescued” so many years ago hasn’t been so bad after all.
So besides doing a few other fixes, and buying essentials from Amazon (Wounded Warrior must love us since they benefit from our purchases), we have another 25 days before we leave our Condo.  Marcia wanted to pack last week, but I have put that off until we are within two weeks of leaving.  So far, so Good.  Winking smile


  1. I'm with you, I hate daylight savings time. Fortunately we are in Arizona and don't have to deal with it until the middle of next month.

    1. Yep, that's one good reason to move to AZ, but paying state taxes is not worth it. :)

  2. Hi - I found you on RVSue's blog. We're also going to Alaska this summer for the first time, so I've been looking for Alaska trip blogs, old and new. Since it sounds like you're going to be just ahead of us, I'm going to following along right behind you and see how things go first hand. Hope you don't mind.

    I think it takes me from the end of DST in the fall to adjust, and just when I get adjusted (not really) we change back.

    Safe travels,
    Marsha from Michigan

    1. Glad to hear it...perhaps we will run into each other during our travels. We hope to enter Canada before Memorial Day, and get back to the lower 48 just after Labor Day, all things being flexible of course.

  3. You need to move to Arizona where we don't change time. Although the one year we stayed for the summer, the sun sure came up early!

    1. Well, too much family here in Florida for Marcia to move away from...along with the MS doctors she has a history with. Otherwise, I think it would be a nice idea.


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