Friday, March 13, 2015

Sometimes it only takes ONE

Skruffy at Crystal Beach

On Monday Skruffy and I went t Crystal Beach, which is between where our church is (we had dropped Marcia off for her weekly woman’s bible study) and our motorhome where I was doing another battery check-up.  With the mild weather we had over the weekend, the battery was fine because I had everything turned off.  After Skruffy’s little run around, we got in the car, sat back listening to the radio, and after awhile I spotted a pelican out in the water that I just had to get a shot of.  See in the picture above that white truck?  All I had to do was pull in right along those logs, roll down the passenger window, and I had a clear shot of him.  So that’s just what I did……Got out the car camera (old camera), lined up the shot, got zoomed in all the way on him, and OH NO!  He is going to fly away!!!!   SHOOT!!!    So that’s what I did….

Pelican at Crystal Beach

I only got ONE SHOT, and that is all it took.   Sometimes, it only takes one…..


The rest of the week was filled with getting a few chores done, a visit from Marcia’s brother Dean and his wife Caryl, and a trip to Momma Marias for lunch, and after agonizing for years…..I finally bit the bullet and made my deal with the devil …. better known as….


I have resisted and resisted publicly getting on Facebook, using Facebook, trying to like Facebook.  I just find it so intrusive in a way, yet so useful in another way.  I like being able to communicate easily with the many relatives and old friends who are on and use Facebook.  I hate it when I get a notice that says, “so and so ‘liked’ this posting they saw….and it is about, well, if you are on Facebook, you know the many things that it might be about.  I don’t mind getting the posts that my “friends” share, but I don’t need to see all or any of the things they “like”.  Yes, I know, the more I tell Facebook that I don’t want to see these things, the fewer they will happen…except I find that Facebook just moves to another person and tries to shove their “likes” down my throat. 


So I decided that setting up a Facebook page would be a good way to remind people of our blog, especially since we are headed to Alaska this year….we will have lots to share.


And in order to set up a GoingRvWay facebook page, you have to be a individual user of Facebook.  Above are shot of my Facebook page, and our GoingRvWay Facebook page.  Clicking on each picture will take you to the corresponding page.   “IF” I set this up right, when I post to our blog, it will automatically post a small blurb to the GoingRvWay Facebook page.  If one follows that page, the blurb will show up on that users Facebook ‘Home Page’, where you see all the stuff people you follow post.  


I also set up a Twitter Page, where a blurb of a blog post will “tweet away” so that those who set up their twitter page correctly, will get a “tweet” about us posting on our blog.  Again, click on the twitter picture above and it will take you to the twitter page.


Time is clicking away….we leave in 18 days.  We are pondering loading up and heading over to Dean and Caryl’s after church on Sunday, coming back Tuesday and getting anything we forgot, do some last loads of laundry, and head out for good after church on Wednesday.  The only thing that is concrete is the leaving on Wednesday after church…if we can wait that long.  Winking smile


  1. (Big grin) Grats on facebook page.....can't wait till you guys begin your journey, I am really excited to see how it goes....Alaska is on my bucket list also!

    1. This trip to Alaska has been on our list from the start...just hoping there are no bumps in the road that will stop us like we ran into last year. (Last year in late March our motorhome was lost in a storage lot fire which took out around 35 motorhomes, some boats, etc.)


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