Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jordanelle State Park, Near Park City Utah


Jordanelle State Park sits along the c, pictured above.  The reservoir is the result of damming the Provo River back in 1992.  The Jordanelle Dam is an earthen dam, and can hold over 320,300 acre-feet with Jordanelle Reservoir having a surface area of 3,068 acres when full.  The lake is suppose to hold six years of water in cases of drought….and Utah just went through a drought a few years ago.  Personally, this is about as high as I have seen the reservoir since it was not fully functional when I left Utah for Arkansas back in late December 1990.


We said good-bye to the red rock last night with a bit of a sunset…


….which is the first sunset we have seen in awhile now.  To be honest, I missed the “best part”.  Took this shot, went and got the dogs for their “good night” walk, and looked over and that cloud on the right was totally red.  Took them back in and grabbed the camera….but it was over, all in the mater of 90 seconds or so.

3a    3b

Marcia was busy getting a few pictures on our travels from Torrey to near Park City.


Above is Mt. Nebo, from the south looking north about 10 miles from the town of Nephi.  We filled up at Flying J where it cost $3.40 per gallon, got 9 mile per gallon since last fill-up, which surprised both of us.  A few more miles up Interstate 15 we stopped at Walmart in Payson, where Marcia got a haircut and I picked up a few items out of the automotive section.  Thirty minutes later we were headed back to the motorhome and on our way.  Good way to give the generator a good run with the A/C going for the dogs….cross that off for another 10 days or so. 


This is Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.  You should see this when the water if just gushing over the top, it is a real jewel of a falls.


This is Deer Creek Reservoir just south of the city of Heber City.  


And this is another picture of Jordanelle Reservoir from near the dump station, where I had the pleasure of taking care of business.


After we got into the park, I headed back to Heber City to get a prescription which we called in two days ago, back to the park, and then we headed out to a place called CafĂ© Zupas to meet Stephanie for dinner.  I forgot my camera, which I seem to always do when we go to dinner.  Stephanie is in the need of a newer car, which she will be shopping for tomorrow, and I told her that once she found “it” to give me a call so I can do some research on it too….plus she has Uncle Arny, who is the family’s expert when it comes to cars, to call too.  Anyway, it was dark when we got back, so I took this picture with flash. We are here for 3 nights, then off to ….. MOAB!


  1. Enjoy your time with Stephanie.
    Loved the Photos from Capital Reef...hope to get there one day!

    1. Thanks. I sure hope you do make it over to Capitol Reef...I think you would enjoy the jeep trails all around there.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Especially love the waterfall and your two first ones. I am a big fan of Ed Abbey and not of dams so I seldom go to reservoirs. That's a real problem since the COE parks are some of the best in the country. Looking forward to what you do in this area and where you stay in Moab. Safe travels.

    1. We are not going to do much in this area other than to see my daughter and stock up on groceries. Marcia's exposure to Moab is as follows: On our way back to Arkansas after coming to Utah due to my daughter having surgery, we are driving along I-70 and I said, "How about 4-5 hours of something that will knock your socks off?", and we headed to Moab, entered Arches, and she did not close her mouth for the two-three hours we were there. I promised we would return, and next week we shall return for 4 nights.

    2. Great story! She's going to really love those days in Arches. Hope you get to Capitol Reef too. Well and Canyonlands and ......................... That Colorado Plateau is full of beauties!

  3. hI Dave:
    I loved all of Utah and especially all the red-rock formations. I could easily spend a month a year just wandering throughout the state. And, I find the people to be very warm and friendly.
    On the camera note, now that I have really started using my iPhone camera, I find that, 1) I'm rarely without a camera and 2) I can edit iPhone photos just as well as 95% of my [expensive] camera shots!
    Enjoy your visit with Stephanie and hope she has good luck finding a new car - she's lucky she has you and Arny for advice givers.

    1. Enjoy your winter trip to lands to far south of the states! Sounds exciting...maybe some day I'll drive down there...but probably not.


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