Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back on the Road–Yosemite Ridge Resort


As you can imagine, it is with mixed feelings being back on the road again.  After staying nearly four full months in Sacramento area helping mom through her hip surgery, it is good that things went so well that we were able to leaving knowing all is well.  It is always sad to leave family, but between us, “our” family is spread all over the place….much like many of you reading this.  One nice thing about traveling by motorhome is that we are able to visit places “and” include seeing friends and family along the way.  And I have to be in Little Rock by mid-October for a routine doctor’s appointment, and that has helped to dictate our route over the next six weeks.


Today, after a fairly easy travel day, we arrive at the Yosemite Ridge Resort along California Highway 120, about 12 miles from the entrance gate to Yosemite National Park.  I figure we are about a half hour from the Valley Floor…but tomorrow our target is on the south-side of the park, Mariposa Grove to see the giant Sequoia Trees which are there.  Of course, a valley visit has to be in order…can’t visit Yosemite without seeing the valley.


Why these places like to call their RV Park a resort is beyond me.  We did come at the right time, very few people here, and it should be a nice, quiet start to our journey towards home.  But the park’s Internet is that really sucky “TenGoInternet”, and we are getting 3G with 2 to 3 bars on our Millenicom air card which is much better than the TenGoInternet connection.  It will take a long time to post, even though I shrunk down the pictures to minimal size for speed. 


  1. Finally getting caught up after 6 days of no internet. Glad to see you are back on the road again and really envying you being in Yosemite. We are uncharacteristically at an "RV Resort" too and I always wonder what in the world does that mean, resort?

    1. There are not a whole lot of choices around Yosemite if you want electricity....you have to find a spot outside of the park and drive. And it is not like there are lots and lots of RV parks....they have a number of different size cabins....but it is not a resort by any means.


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