Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Red Canyon, Dixie National Forest


Just two miles away from the RV Park is the entrance to Red Canyon along Scenic Byway 12 of the Dixie National Forest.  


Today it has rained, and there has been wind, and more rain, and then sunshine for about 90 minutes, then rain again.  I ran down to Panguich, about 7 miles to the north-west, to get our quarterly taxes in mail, and to get a few items from the small market there.  (A larger shopping spree will be in order in Cedar City later in the week.)  As the sun went away, and wind came and went, the “Red Rocks” were calling me to the east.  “We are here…just a few miles away….come and visit…..”.   So Skruffy and I loaded up in the car for a quick jaunt to grab a few pictures for the blog.


All of the pictures I took were from road-side turn outs, which they have provided numerous ones for picture taking, and short hikes….I was gone for ten to fifteen minutes…

2b     2c 
2e     2g 

I remember the first time seeing Red Canyon as an adult, back in the early 1980’s….still had film in the camera.  Had to stop taking pictures or I would have run out of film while at Bryce, not too much further up the road.  Was the manager of a Restaurant in Sacramento back then, a Steak House….my first job that I had obtained when I was still in high school…..after ten years, I was a General Manager, by the time I was 31 I was living in Utah going to college where I got my Business Degree, followed by my Masters in Library Science….eventually off to Arkansas where for the most part I was a Library Director.  But I never forgot the first time I remember seeing the “Red Rocks” of Utah….and it was here at Red Canyon.  (Mom says I saw them when I was like 3 or 4 years old….don’t remember that trip very much, remember seeing family pictures of it….loved taking those slides, put them into a viewer, and see the pictures which appeared inside…..just think, there are way more people alive now who don’t have a clue as to what I am talking about…..this link is for them)


Got back to the RV Park before the rain started back up.  Tomorrow, rain or shine, we will see Bryce, and drive right through that Red Canyon on the way there.  Let’s hope that tomorrow’s forecast for more “shine” and less “rain” is right….and Thursday through Sunday’s forecast is looking outstanding!


  1. Love your pictures. I remember being riht there and stopping at the information center. What a beautiful place the Dixie National Forest is. Being from the south I couldn't figure out the name. We had rain rain rain today too so I hope we both get more shine for tomorrow.

    1. From my recollection of Utah history, they tried growing cotton in the southern part of the state, like around St. George...and since that was the southern part of the state, and cotton was grown in the south in the land of Dixie, well, it just seemed to stick. The National Forest took on the name from that, most likely.


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