Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Little A'Le'Inn – Rachel, Nevada


So here we are, out in the middle of NO WHERE, in the small community of Rachel, Nevada at the Little A’Le’Inn.  One must be saying, WHY?  Well, here is the story…..  When I published our route nearly two weeks ago, I get this email from my brother Roger.  It sort went like this….  “Hey dude, you are going right through Rachel where Rochelle (his wife) and Roger are going to be  for a week.  You got to stop….”   Now I knew that Roger and Rochelle travel back and forth from where they live in the mountains along I-80 between Sacramento and Reno, and Rachel, Nevada…especially Rochelle.  They happened upon this Restaurant, Bar, Motel out in the middle of Nevada a number of years ago, like back in the late 1990’s.  They got to know the owners, Pat and her now deceased husband.  Knowing she needed help after he died, they started going to Rachel to lend a hand.  Rochelle goes over to Rachel to work the Bar and Restaurant for a week or so at a time numerous times per year.   Roger goes over when he can get off from his job in Sacramento.  Little did I know, until I looked into it before our visit to Rachel, that this place they visit and work in Rachel is the famous Little A'Le'Inn on the Extraterrestrial Highway which has been featured in a few films, TV shows, and yes, I have even seen it on a few blogs….just never knew it was in Rachel, and that this is where Roger and Rochelle head off to all the time….nor did I know our current route was going through Rachel, let alone along the Extraterrestrial Highway.


Before we left Lee Vining, we did have a chance to get a brief look at Mono Lake.  We had hoped to visit Bodie, the Ghost Town just north of Mono Lake…that will need to wait until later…as will June Lake, Mammoth Mountain, and the list can go on and on.  We will just have to try and spend a few more days next time we are through this area…and with Tioga Pass so close, I am sure there will be a next time.

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There are many interesting things to photograph in and around the lake….next time we will get closer and spend some time.


But yesterday evening when we drove by the lake, we saw the sign…we knew that somewhere out there in the middle of nowhere, we had something out of this world awaiting us… Rachel Nevada.


Marcia, you did lock the dogs in the motorhome didn’t you?  Good, at least they are safe!


When I walked in this young lady as behind the bar..she also worked the gift shop, and she was a waitress.  I was impressed with how busy they were in September.  Many regulars who live in town, which is not that big, and a few regulars who live near town and work in the “test range”, the range which also contains “Area 51”.  Some tell you what they do, others don’t talk about their jobs, according to my brother.  And then there are the many tourist who come through.

This is the owner Pat, the picture I took off of their website,  She was a pleasure to talk to, and she told me the story of how many years ago her husband and her took over ownership of the Rachel Bar and Grill and turned it into “The Little A’Le’Inn”. 


We had a nice dinner, both having the Alien Burger, and talked with Roger and Rochelle and a few others who came to Rachel.  One lady had The Little A’Le’Inn on her bucket list….along with the next morning hangover that probably came with her experience.  When we left, a few of the regulars were still there….others had come and gone, many with purchases of some of the many items for sale which deal with Area 51, Alien Souvenirs, or/and food, some even took the food to go.  Roger and Rochelle told us that they have heard so many stories, met so many interesting people...some crazy, some not so crazy.  The Little A'Le'Inn is kind of a place of its just got to see it to believe it.  


I did not get any pictures of the outside where we have the RV parked, but I took this Google map image to show the property.  The red balloon is the main building consisting of the bar, restaurant, gift shop, etc.  The green area, which I added, is the four RV parking spots where for $15 you can have water and 30 amp electrical, although it is offered through the normal “home style” two prong outlet.  I told my brother that it is a must to get at least 30 amp RV plugs out there, and 50 amp would be nice.  The blue area is an area where my brother said that people can boondock, kind of like “Walmart parking” without all the noise.  The highway is not used much at night, and it is very quiet…yet you are near others so the safety factor is a plus.  They don’t advertise this boondocking…yet…but I have a feeling things will change with that.  I also told him that they should consider belonging to Passport America, that there are many RVers going by on their way from the Zion National Park area over to Yosemite….ideal for a Passport America spot.  The only other PA spot is in Tonapah which is well over an hour to the west of Rachel….and the price there is $25 per night.  Of course, one must understand that this place is out in the middle of nowhere, and so is Tonapah….it is dessert, not much green. But if you want a fun little strange place to stay as you travel between these two National Parks, and want to park overnight with or without electricity, this is the place.  The people we met here have been wonderful, and that is the workers and the customers.  As the late Robin Williams said when he was playing “Mork”, “nano nano”.  Tomorrow, after breakfast, we head further east. 


  1. What a fun place! Glad you made it to see all this first hand.

    Mono Lake is on my very long list. I really want to see those rock formations,

    1. Well, when you go to Mono Lake, and "if" you are leaving from Zion area, you just gotta stop at the Little A'Le'Inn, even if its just for their free WiFi and to look around. However, the Alien Burger was on $5.50, comes with chips but you can get fries extra if you wish...not a bad price for being out in the middle of nowhere.

  2. It sounds like a great place to stop overnight. If I'm ever out that way, I'll be sure to do so. Hey, did you see any aliens?? :( :) Blessings...

    1. Well, from time to time I have thought my brother was from outer space, does that count? Actually, it was nice to visit with Roger and Rochelle, and to meet Pat who they have talked about for years now.

    2. Thanks for the chuckle, Dave! :) Hopefully, your brother will laugh, too. Glad you enjoyed visiting. Blessings...


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