Monday, September 23, 2013

Manchester KOA Review – On to Bodega Bay


Some people love KOA’s, some hate them.  We use them from time to time…I think after this last stay we will finally earn a $25 discount on our next visit if we wish to use it…will probably save it for later.


You can tell how old a KOA is by the looks of the A-frame office building.  This one is hidden behind these wonderfully large trees which, as you can see, have been cut back for many years.  On a side note, why is it that you get shade when you don’t need it????  Along the ocean it just does not get hot.


Like many KOA’s this one has cabins…it has many cabins, way more than this picture shows.  We have never stayed in one, nor have we been inside one, but it is an option if you are in an area and want to “camp” with someone who does not normally camp.


One of KOA’s best assets is their dog park.  Some have been very small….but many are very large.  This one is real nice, big enough for the dogs to run and play and especially sniff sniff sniff and lots of places to leave their scents.


Today before we left, Skruffy and Bubba had two little companions to play with….


…although Bubba wasn’t sure he wanted anything to do with this little one who immediately told him who the boss was….


….so Bubba decided to go off and do what he loves to do….sniff, sniff and sniff.  Notice the small motorhome in the background.  The lady who owns the other two dogs drives it alone.  Her husband was a Captain in the L.A. Fire Department.  When he retired they traveled for over ten years in a large Class A gas motorhome….visited every state, every Canadian province, and even a few states in Mexico.  Then her husband got a hernia…had complications….died from it.  Now she has downsized, and goes out for months at a time…with her two dogs.  This time she went up to the Tetons, Yellowstone, and on her way back to San Diego area, she decided to come down the coast.  I did not ask, but my guess is that she is in her late 70’s or early 80’s, sharp as a tack, and would still be out there talking to me if I had not told her that I had to go for the fifth or sixth time….


Time to round up the doggies and get on our way….you can see how close we were to the dog park, and it seems that everyone who was close to the dog park had dogs, that sure was nice of this KOA.


After a long 70 mile drive we finally arrived at Westside Regional Park, Bodega Bay.  This is a Sonoma County RV Park, $32 per night, no hookups.  Our drive was very lovely….big blue skies, lovely ocean views, and many, many 15 and 20 mile an hour curves.  Traffic was light, we let many a car drive by as we pulled into turnouts and pullouts, an only a few, probably 15% of the cars, gave a thank you signal.  One of the many times that Marcia asked if they waved or anything I said, “Well, he no longer has his middle finger up, does that count?”   Since we had already provided pictures from Manchester to Stewarts Point a few days ago, and last year provided pictures from Bodega Bay to Stewarts Point, we did not take pictures today…but I am telling you, it was so lovely I was tempted to many times.

3a  3b
3c   3d 

This park has lots of room, a good host, clean bathrooms, view of the fog….I mean the small bay (should have taken pictures right when we got here….the fog came in so fast.)


And so far, three hours on batteries and they are still in the “good” range.  Plan to run the generator later to charge everything up again so that we will be ready for tomorrow….and tomorrow we will provide some of the sites of Bodega Bay and the area south of here.


  1. Nice doggie park! I do hope I'm sharp as a tack and loving life when I am 80!

  2. Hi Guys: Once again beautiful photos. I agree about KOA - sometimes not worth the money - sometimes great. I stayed at a KOA in San Antonio, Texas earlier this year that was fantastic. There was even a bus stop that took you right into downtown for $1 and I was their during their annual "Fiesta." What fun. Took that bus ride a couple of days and loved the festivities. It's in April. The one other time I'd visited San Antonio years before I'd also been there for Fiesta - it was fun then too. Anyway, KOA - sometimes!


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