Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Clear Lake, Ca


This is our second time at Clear Lake, staying here last year for a few days…this time only for a night.  Decided to stay on the South-west side of the lake this year at the Konocti Vista Casino RV Park near Lakeport.  Not too impressed with the RV park, although we do have full hookups, cable and somewhat ok Internet for only $19 plus $2+ Indian tax.  But I just don’t like staying in parking lots very much….

1a        1b

The only good thing is that it isn’t too crowded, and we got a nice end spot.


Of course, Skruffy was just very happy that we arrived….she did not like her new outside ride very much.  Nearly lost her over a few bumps on the way here, but she held on tight.


We left around 10 a.m, and headed over to Sams’s Club to fill up with $3.79 gas (a deal around here), and took our time driving the 125 miles to Clear Lake, arriving before 3 p.m.  After setting up and taking it easy for awhile, I did get out to take a few pictures of the lake at sunset.


To the east the moon is rising, birds are headed to their nest….


…as the sun sets to the west at Clearlake.   Tomorrow, we head to Fort Bragg, where the temps will be in the upper 60’s, perhaps mid 70’s since we will be about 10 miles from the Ocean.  After that, we will be right along the ocean for a week… hoping to see a whale, a sunset or two, and I know we will have some rain on Sunday to deal with.


  1. Add some yummy seafood to that list and you are all set!
    We don't like parking lots either....never stayed at a Wal Mart overnight either.

    A week riding down the CA coast sounds heavenly!

  2. Poor Skruffy! Glad to see he is in one piece:)

    Beautiful sunset photos. I love the one with the moon and birds. Great capture, Dave!


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