Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bodega Bay, California

Hitchock1   1a

Above left is a scene from the Hitchcock movie “The Birds”.  Above right is the house located in Bodega California, about 3 miles from Bodega Bay.  In the movie, Hitchcock took scenes from both towns and made all into one town for the movie.

1b     1c

A store in Bodega features Alfred himself, and a telephone booth. Needless to say, in this area they celebrate the movie “The Birds”.

2a   2b   2c

Today the fog lifted quickly, and here is the view we have out the front of the motorhome, from left to right, our view of Bodega Harbor.


And fortunate for us….just beyond the RV Park is Bodega Head, which jets out into the ocean enough that it offers protection from Bodega Bay to the south, which Bodega Harbor is part of.  Lucky for us, the waves to the north of the “Head” are a non-stop wonder.

3b    3c

Above and Below you can see the progression of some of these waves on two different sets of rocks.

3d     3e

I think we could have watched these waves for many hours, despite the constant cool wind coming off the ocean.


The view to the south shows the sun glistening off the ocean, while these two birds posed for a shot for me as I awaited the hit of a wave against this giant rock…or are they waiting to pounce through our open window.

4a     4b

North of Bodega Bay, south of the large waves against rocs in the previous pictures, lays this beach, a beach which I came to a few times in my younger days.  One thing nice about Bodega Bay is the free beaches and plenty of parking…plenty unless you come on a summer weekend that is.


On the other side of the harbor from us is another RV park, also part of the Sonoma Park System.  I wondered if we had made the right choice in where we stayed because this other park offers views of the harbor on one side, and the Bay on the other side.  However, when we went over there we found the road leading to the park is in real bad shape.  The good news for others coming behind us, the road will be shut down and totally re-done in October, just a few weeks from now.  So if you have a choice, go there once the road is finished.


There is a large, lovely beach right by the RV park…it cost for day use, which keeps the crowds low, especially this time of year.  And the “bay” of Bodega Bay is calm, and of course, we all know just how warm that Pacific Ocean is Laughing out loud.


Ok now…everyone stand in line, and start cleaning your wings and get ready for the “attack”.


If the sun is going over the hills of Bodega Head, that means it is time to get over to the ocean and see if we can get a sunset.


Last of the sun glistening off the cliffs…


….as it touches the water and extinguishes its flame.


And yes, birds are there watching, getting ready to attack in the still of the night…. [SHRIEK!!!!!]


So we say goodnight to Bodega Bay, tomorrow we head for Point Reyes before heading back to Sacramento area.


  1. Beautiful photography again, Dave. You could write a travelog for the coast of California. Enjoy "my" state and hear from you soon. When you have the time (no rush) I'd like to know how you make the collage-like arrangements of photos. Good Night ... mp

  2. Thanks Mary-Pat. As for putting two or three pictures on same "line", or in a square split into fours with one picture in each....the answer is simple. I do my posts in "Windows Live Writer", which is free (just google it), and easy to set up, although you are a Mac user so it might be a bit harder to set-up, but there are directions out there you can follow. ..it will download your template from blogger). Then when I want to add lets say two pictures, I click the picture import icon, select the two pictures I want (use ctrl key to make the second selection) and both will come in. Now with them side-by-side, I click on the far right one, then click on the left arrow once and add a few space bar hits to give space between the pictures. Another thing about Live Writer is that you can enlarge the pictures very easy much like Photoshop works by grabbing the corners and moving the picture in our out. If you make them too big, then two pictures won't fit on on line,

    Best thing about live writer is that you can use it without an Internet connection....then when you are connected, you can publish it, or as I do, I publish a draft, bring it up in blogger and edit it before I publish it from blogger. I even have been able to publish drafts to blogger with pictures with just first generation connection, but it takes a good 10-15 minutes with pictures, and it is harder to get blogger to publish the finished product when done too...I hate first generation connections....

  3. Thanks, Dave, for bringing the smiles this morning!! Gorgeous:) Captivating! Love the birds bathing in a row!

    Did you know that Port Reyes was voted as having the Best Blue Cheese? So if you are a blue cheese fan, try to find some Port Reyes Blue Cheese. It is so smooth. Yum:)

    1. We will have to find some Blue Cheese for Marcia, that's for sure. Thanks for the tip.


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