Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Ending


We left Point Reyes area around 11 am, and got to my Sister’s house around 4 pm.  Why so long?  Because we went through Lodi, a 40+ mile detour, so that we can get the motorhome washed at a Blue Beacon, the closest one to Sacramento, and also to get some gas at Flying J.  Well, we were second in line behind another motorhome with a truck inside getting washed.  We just did not know that the driver of this truck was “truck driver from hell”.  He made them wash it twice…then spot wash it a few times before he pulled out, then after he pulled out had them spot wash it again, and because this was not enough, he turned his truck around, facing the “exit” and had them do the front of it again.  It took us an hour to get our motorhome washed….but they at least gave us free Rain-X for the car, which we normally don’t have Rain-X on.

Now that the motorhome was nice and clean, and the HHR nice a clean, all we had to do was to drive up to Sacramento…but with the delay, we are going to hit the start of rush hour, which was not fun.

To say that the dogs were “happy” to be back is a understatement to the max.  It takes a few minutes to get the motorhome into the backyard and setup to where the fence can be closed….Bubba cried the entire time he wanted out so bad.  Once out, he said a very quick hello to Arny, then he ran and ran and ran as if his leg never hurt him.  I finally had to ask him to calm down, I was afraid he would ruin his leg again.  There is something about being here that gives Bubba a feeling he gets no where else. 

Tomorrow, Saturday, someone (not me) is having a birthday…and mom is having a small, family birthday dinner for her…another reason it is nice to be back.

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  1. Glad your mini vacation went well and you arrived back at your sister's safely!

    Have a fun birthday party with family.


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