Friday, May 4, 2012

Yosemite - Our Last Day (for now)

Today (Thursday) we had contemplated driving all the way to Mariposa Grove, or just spending another day within the Valley at Yosemite.  Since the biggest attraction at Mariposa is the big Sequoia Trees, and since we visited Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks a few weeks ago, we decided to just spend a relaxing day in the Valley.  After all, we do plan to visit Yosemite again (and again, and again....) in future years.

First, a few more pictures...
Above, Cascade Falls.  Highway 120 essentially goes right through the falls which cascade down the mountain side.  It is hard to get a good picture of it, and this is only that part which above the highway.
The Merced River runs through Yosemite Valley.  It eventually runs into the San Joaquin River, and then the Delta area where the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers join into San Francisco Bay.  Much of the water is used to irrigate the crops grown in the Central Valley Area around Merced.
We did not get a picture of Half Dome a few days ago.  This is a picture from one of the bridges which cross over the Merced River within the Valley.
We did not get a picture of Sentinel Falls either, at least not one which was worth sharing.  To the left is Sentinel Rock, just one of the many granite peaks within the Valley.
Here is another picture of Yosemite Falls.  Look at the smaller trees at the base of the pictures, trees blooming in bright pink (center) and white (left and right of the pink).   So very pretty....
Another view of Half Dome on our way to the same lunch spot we had a few days ago.  So peaceful and beautiful. 
It is right at the base of Half Dome, near Mirror Lake.  Most people have to hike up to this point, but for those with Physical Disabilities, they will allow you to drive this far.
And we ended our day with a close-up visit of Bridalveil Fall, where the mist will soak you.  On a real hot day, that is a welcome relief, but on a day like today (65 degrees), well one of us who does not wear a jacket very often got wet and cold....Marcia, with a jacket, was a little wet and freezing.  The "hike" up to the base was a bit much for the scooter...which gave out twice (which means we had to hit the reset button), and I did push it in a few spots to get it up there.  Overall we are very happy with our scooter...and even when I do push it, it is not that bad.  Of course, the ride down was a "where did Marcia go?" type of experience....

As Marcia, Skruffy, Bubba and I drove out of Yosemite, I made the remark that every time I visit Yosemite , I leave in a more "up-lifted" mood than when I came....even if I was in a good mood when I arrived.  There is something about this place.  It is truly a gift from God....and if you have never been here, put it on your list and do it.  

As for Marcia...well she commented that she was finally able to get her gaping mouth to closed after seeing the astonishing wonders of God.  It was truly a wonderful visit, and it brought us much joy and astonishment, along with a stronger appreciation for that which our creator has provided.

And with that, we leave you another picture of what has become our favorite lunch spot...nothing like a good P&J Sandwich, some chips, some fruit, water, good companionship, and a view like this....

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