Sunday, May 20, 2012

KOA Experience - Lassen / Shingletown

This is our first time staying at a KOA.  It runs $42 per night, which is higher than most parks we have stayed at so far.  However, this KOA is well kept, and we have seen many staff members working all over the grounds.  I had an opportunity to talk to one of the workers, and he said that this KOA has fairly new owners. There goal is to make everyone’s visit feel like they are the first ones to have stayed in that particular camping/RV area, or cabin.  In fact, they run a small tractor with a large rake attached to rake up the rocks to erase all foot prints, tire prints, etc.  They wash out the fire pit so that there are no ashes, which have already been shoveled out, and wash away the ash, dust, etc.  They have flowers, plants, and everything is so well groomed. Their bathrooms are very clean, including the shower areas.

I see others write on their reviews, blogs, or in forums about how they (the person making the posting) wish the campground was kept up....and at the same time they refuse to stay at a park which cost more than $30.  It is kind of like the person who complains about pot holes in the roads, but also complains about the taxes they pay to keep the roads in better repair...and refuse to pay more to make the roads better.

Anyway, this KOA is very nice, the people are friendly, and tonight (Sunday) is fairly empty compared to how busy it was on Saturday.  HOWEVER (and isn’t there always a catch....), if you want Internet, you have to pay $10 per day per computer logon.  In other words, we bought one access for $10 for one day.  We both could not be on it at the same time for the $10, but I could log on if Marcia was off with her computer.

Now I think the Internet should be part of the access to the park.  You don’t pay extra to swim, to use the dog park, to use the shower...why pay extra for the Internet?  And it is not the fastest Internet I have used by any means.  So when I talked to the worker, I mentioned to him about my feelings about the Internet...he told me to let them know in the office.  I will, but probably by email and not a face to face talk.

Below are a bunch of pictures of this KOA.

 View of the office, bath area from our window
 A park, playground, and the swimming pool is in the far distance
 This is a doggie park, no leashes needed
 Bubba and Skruffy loved it (Bubba in foreground, Skruffy is behind the second wooden structure
So dad, why is it I have to climb up this plank of wood (teeter-totter)?  Just so you can let go and watch me fly off the other end??
 Ok, we would love to stay longer if there was grass....but it is time to go now!

 This is a picture of a campsite, and the office in the distance.
 View of other campsites from the front of our campsite....many left on Sunday
 Here is our campsite.
No doggies, that is not a huge dog bowl, that is where some people make fires to sit around and .... well, I don't know why we sit around fire, but believe me, it is relaxing.

As for the total eclipse...well, without the proper filters to look through, it looked more like a overcast sun.  Yes, it got darker, but I could never get a picture that even showed any of the moon covering the sun at all.  Oh well, can’t have everything...but it does bring to mind one thought, the son is very powerful....(and no mom, I did not miss spell that)

This is the peak eclipse time....sun was dimmer, but it still is so powerful it overpowers the moon without filters.

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