Friday, May 25, 2012

Back to the Sacramento Area, Another Lovely Surprise to End the Week

We got up around 7:00 with the goal to leave the RV Park by 8:30 or so.  We did good, I guess, since neither of us looked at the time when we did leave.  The plan was to either drive back towards Shasta if the weather was better in order to try and get a better shot of the mountain, and then catch I-5 there....or to drive south on 89, then west on highway 44, past the entrance to Lassen and on to Redding to catch I-5.  Well, the weather was not better....very overcast, so we chose the latter route.

As we headed south on highway 89 to catch 44, I turned a corner and said, "Oh oh!"  Marcia said, "What?"  "I said, look at those mountains over's SNOW!"  There was a very definitive line where the snow started....and another where the snow was deeper.  Soon, we started to see trees along the highway with snow on them, soon we saw snow just off the side of the road, and soon, there was a light snow falling.   Hmm...perhaps we should have gone the Shasta way....

But we were both awed by the wonderful look the freshly fallen snow made on the trees, the nearby hills, and the patches on ground and on buildings.  Here are a few shots we got.

The best pictures of the day were ones that we could not take.  Many times we saw such vivid contrast of the snow covered trees against the background of a rocky ledge, other trees, etc. But I just could not stop the motor home along the side of the road and shoot pictures.  Was not the first time in my life I did not stop for a picture to be taken...and I know it won't be the last either.  :)

As we went past the entrance to Lassen, there was still a lot of snow...some very close to the road, but nothing sticking to the road.  Then within a mile of the entrance or so, we went around another corner, and was all gone.  It was like we went from one world into another.  A little snow on the left side of the road, nothing on the right, as the picture below shows.  Very quickly there was no snow at all.

Marcia and I were in awe at what we just went through....and we thought, "What a way to end such a wonderful week...."  I have never seen such a vivid division between snow and no snow, and to have it happen entering into the snow, and exiting the snow all within 20 miles of each other...that was something.  One never knows what is around the next, we had another wonderful surprise.  We know that someday it could be a big disappointment.  In life, one has to remember the good times, which will help you get through the hard times.  And we know that there is ALWAYS one who will help us get through anything life asks us to face.  This past week, we were blessed to witness the glory and the power that is his.

We arrived in the Sacramento area around 3 pm.  It was a nice trip all around....topped off by a wonderful chicken & rice dinner that mom fixed....a recipe from my childhood days.  Marcia asked mom to email her the recipe....I guess my three helpings of rice and two pieces of chicken caught her eye that it was a dinner that I enjoyed.

We look forward to spending time with family again, perhaps link up with some old friends, and on Thursday we are planning another day are the hints....Big Trees, Jumping Frogs, & Mark Twain.  :)


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