Saturday, May 13, 2017

Camp Verde Arizona, Live Writer Glitch

Krazy K RV Park

Here we are at Krazy K RV Park in Camp Verde, Arizona.  Although it looks like we are “checking in” to the park, in reality we are in the one last open spot available at the park, a spot they call “The Office” spot.  Reason…that is the office right in front of us.

Krazy K RV Park

I was a bit concerned about the spot at first…but quickly realized that we have no close neighbors.  But that has not stopped me from meeting people.  Just in the distance to the RV and Car you can see a couple of 5th Wheels.  Bob lives in one of those, and he came over to say hello and talk as I was setting up.  Said, “This grass up here is for use by anyone…just not dogs…and we can move the table and chairs if you need them under shade.”  I thanked him, asked about how long he lived in the park (7 years now), he mentioned that he recently lost his wife (7 years ago), and he misses her every day.  On Saturday I did laundry and two different ladies were in there…one before I arrived and the other after I arrived.  There are only 3 washers and 4 driers…$1.50 to wash and $1 to dry, not a bad price at all.   Anyway, these ladies were as nice as can be.  One has lived in the park for three years.  The other is visiting her daughter, who lost her husband unexpectedly two years ago, and is from Indiana.  Talked to a Viet Nam Era Vet (he was stateside the entire length of his service) and he has lived here for three plus years, his wife works at the Casino nearby, and he loves it.

Krazy K RV Park

Another plus as to where we are parked is that the dog walk is right across the gravel road from where we are parked.  This is where I talked to the veteran, who also loves to carry his gun on his hip…seen this a lot here in Arizona, which is a open carry state.  Unlike many dog walks, I have not seen one sign of dogs after they have been walked…EVERYONE picks up after their pets, which is fantastic.

Speed Test
Our Internet Speed ever since we hit New Mexico has been slow.  To the left is my current speed, and the is fast for here.  Yesterday we were having speeds as low as .15 down and .25 up.  (Down is the download…like when your Internet page is loading onto your browser.  Up is when you post a blog, send a picture through email, etc.)  However, we have had 2 bars of 4G here.  So I called Verizon just to see if the new aircard we got before we left did not automatically “cap” our data.  The nice guy from Alabama assured me that we have 40 gigs of data, nothing is being throttled.  He had me turn off the aircard, remove the battery, remover the sim card, and put it all back together again and turn on…to no avail.  About 15 minutes later we were watching “Undercover Boss” and Darius Rucker was on.  Marcia says, “You know, he is playing at the Casino…”  A light bulb went off in my head…the crowd of folks who came to see him are overloading the Verizon Tower, slowing us up to a slow crawl.  Sure enough, about 9 pm, it sped up again…and around 10:30 or 11 pm it slowed down again as the concert got out.

Open Live Writer Error Message

As I was posting the last blog about Sedona just before leaving Cottonwood, I got the dreaded “Can’t publish files” message in Live Writer.  Like others, I was having problems publishing from Live Writer to Blogger with pictures in it.  So I had to remove the pictures, publish a draft, then add the pictures in Blogger itself…which is why the post about Soldotna did not have any pictures side-by-side, and the pictures were either large or larger, unlike with Live Writer where you can customize the size and placement much easier.  The fix, which is well published, was to: 
Go to Google Photos
Create a new album; insert a single photo
Name it: Open Live Writer
Then you can post your blog with pictures
Well, I had two albums already in Google Photos with the name ‘Open Live Writer’, both with 2,000 photos in it.  Many other albums also had 2,000 pictures in it.  So I renamed the two albums named ‘Open Live Writer’ as OLW1 and OLW2, created another ‘Open Live Writer’ album, putting one picture in it, and did a test blog and it worked again.  So apparently, when you fill up an album, you may need to rename it and create a new one to get things to work again.  Lesson learned.  Hope this helps other Bloggers if they run into the same problem.

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