Wednesday, May 17, 2017

PetSmart, Verizon, Dinner with Laurie

First order of the day was securing some more dog food for the little ones.  As a Diabetic Dog, Skruffy is on Hills Prescription Diet.  She has 2 oz dry WD, and 2 oz of a mix of canned WD and ID, both the Vegetable & Chicken Stew.  I then stir it up to wet down the dry.  She eats it right up.  Bubba gets around 5 oz WD Dry, and a small spoonful of the canned mix, which is also stirred together (I got the ok for this from his vet…makes it easier just having one type of dog food for both).  He also eats it right up, and many times will finish before Skruffy…which we NEVER thought would happen because Bubba use to just eat and enjoy his food so slow.  Of course, in the middle of her chow down, Skruffy has to stop for a quick shot…but that only takes a couple of seconds. 

Hill's Prescription Dog Food

So twice a day, 8 am and 8 pm, we go through this ritual.  First, my phone alarm goes off, which reminds me that it is time to feed them.  I get everything ready by sitting on the bed, because the dry food is in a bag in a plastic container along with the scale.  So I grab the two food bowls, the canned food mix and insulin from the fridge, and a needle and head back to the bed.  Skruffy is right on the heals of my shoes every minute…while Bubba lays one the floor between the two driving chairs, and watches.  As I pour the dry food into the metal feed bowls, the sound of food hitting the bowls gets them both excited…but Bubba normally contains his excitement.  But when I open the container of canned food mix, and spoon it into the dry mix of each bowl, he starts acting like a little kids, wagging his small tail, his butt, and then he starts letting out this subtle little squeal of pending excitement…which, of course, gets Skruffy to start barking.  If I look at Bubba and motion as if to get up, he turns 180 degrees, starts jumping up and down briefly, and turns back around to look at me.    It is a cute ritual that goes on twice per day.

ps: Tested Skruffy yesterday at 1:45…she was at 119, which is great.  It has been a good 8-10 days since I last tested her, which is the longest she has not been poked since she got sick in Alaska last year.

Verizon Store

PetSmart was 19 miles away, and less than a mile further is a Verizon Store.  I needed an adapter to connect our aircard antenna to the Jetpack/Aircard.  Like many of you, I just don’t enjoy entering these phone stores…be it AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Apple.  Walk in, people are being helped, but there is no sign.  A guy comes up to me within a minute, and I explain what I am looking for.  “Oh, I am just here to get you down in our automated waiting list…”  I give him my info, my cell phone goes off, I have a message.  “You’re checked in…”  A few minutes later they start helping the lady who came in right before me…my phone goes off, “You are next in line…”  How fun is this???  Then it is my turn.  I show them the antenna, they try and tell me that the Jetpack 6620L only had an internal antenna.  The young man goes and gets one, now there are two guys helping little oh me who wants to make a purchase for an adapter which runs about $9.99.  They look it over, one guy starts pulling off the rubber cover hiding the antenna input, but gives up and keeps looking at it.  “May I?” I ask.  “Sure thing…”  I proceed to open the rubber cover, expose the antenna.  “You see, this end of the adapter (pointing to the computer screen) goes there, the other end goes here (holding my antenna).   “Oh…”, as lightbulbs start going off in their heads.   Next problem, “We will have to order this….”   Next problem, “We need an address to send it to…”  “Ummm…I am at a County Park in my RV, I was hoping I can just pick it up here.”  “Well, that is something we just don’t normally do…”   “Oh, you mean you can’t receive packages here?”  “Let me go ask….” as he turns around to go ask the manager.   Bottom line…I pick it up from the store on Friday, Thursday if it arrives early enough.  All for a $9.99 part which is costing me $15 due to second day shipping.

Logan Roadhouse

Shortly after 4 pm we made it Logan’s Roadhouse (Steakhouse) about half way between where Laurie lives and where we are staying.  There were tears, hugs, memories, and lots of love.  Marcia shared a few memories of Laurie’s mother Joyce, all of which Laurie was familiar with.  We did not leave until after 7, it was a quick three hours…we are looking forward to seeing the family and the memories at the celebration of life on Sunday.

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