Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Grand Canyon Sunset – MORE Days to come

Grand Canyon Sunset

Last night we did go out to view the sunset…went to a place nearby called Mohave Point.  Got there about 7 pm, the sun hit the bluffs on the northwest rim right around 7:30…by 7:50 we were back home to feed the dogs. 

Grand Canyon Sunset     Grand Canyon Sunset

Grand Canyon Sunset

The light on eastern wall (top left picture) enhances the sides of the canyon walls, giving more depth perception in a picture than you capture during the heat of the day.  The Desert View Watchtower glistens in the remaining sunlight, and turns reddish as the rays get closer to disappearing.  And yes, there are people at the base of the Watchtower.  The Watchtower, a four-story structure, was completed in 1932, and designed by American architect Mary Colter, an employee of the Fred Harvey Company, which owned the Harvey House chain of restaurants and hotels. 

Grand Canyon Sunset

My first Grand Canyon Sunset…what a sight.

Grand Canyon     Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

Today we picked up from where we left off yesterday.  It seems that at every turnout, there is another and different picture.  And with clouds in the sky, the picture changes before your very eyes.

Grand Canyon

We went to the visitor’s center and say their movie on the Grand Canyon, and talked with a Ranger Lady who gave us a ADA Placard (really, just a piece of paper) which allows us to drive in areas where others have to ride a bus to see.  As we passed through one such area, Yaki Point, Marcia got this picture as we drove through.  Can’t park where the buses let off and take on riders.  There is a parking place at the far west part of the loop, but we decided not to stop.

Elk at Grand Canyon    Elk at Grand Canyon

Elk at Grand Canyon

We also saw a bunch (about a dozen) Elk today.  The first one, upper left picture, was near Mather Campground where we were checking out the RV Dump Station and the Grocery Store.  The other pictures were just on the way back.  First time either of us had seen Elk at the Grand Canyon.  These Elk seem to be use to Humans, much like the ones in Yellowstone…but even more so.  Probably due to the lack of predators that they have to be worried about here compared to the Wolf and Bears in Yellowstone.  Oh, and WHY the dump station since we just emptied in Phoenix?   We have decided to stay here through Memorial Day.  This campground, which had we tried to get in today would have been impossible, is nice, quiet, we have a great spot, there are nice folks from all over the place, and we can be here for up to 7 days…so why take a chance finding a better place over the busy Memorial Day Weekend?

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