Thursday, May 18, 2017

What the BEEP!!! Dog Grooming & Sunburn

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

NO, NO, NO … not cursing here…it is the occasional “BEEP” that our Carbon Monoxide Detector is giving off.  It started two days ago…Marcia was taking a nap and I hear this “Chirp” or “Beep”.  Thought maybe we did not turn off our tire sensor and that a tire might be low…but it was a different beep.  Hours later, with Marcia up, we both hear it.  About 20 minutes later it chirps again.  About 40 minutes later it chirps again.  I get up and push the test button, it goes off, but confirms that it is the same tone of a beep, although the test is longer and louder.  It chirps once or twice more, but by 10 pm it has stopped.  Yesterday it was good all day, and then there was this one “BEEP” last night around 8 pm.   Now this is what I did not know.  I says, along the bottom, “Replace by 2011/Nov”  Well, that date has come and gone, and back then, we did not even own it.  Next surprise, it seems that the company is no longer around, but there is at least one model that will replace it, Safe-T-Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Surface Mount or Flush Mount.  Price will be around $65.  From what I can tell, this unit is still working.  There may be a small spider which is causing the occasional beep, or the age of the thing.  I hope it will last until we get to Sacramento where I can order one and replace it myself.

Skruffy   Skruffy   Skruffy

Yesterday was Grooming day.  Skruffy LOVES to pose for the camera, especially after daddy had groomed her.  Doesn’t she look sweet?

Bubba   Bubba
Now Bubba normally does not like me taking his picture like this…but yesterday he seemed to cooperate…
…especially when I said, “Come on Bubba, we got to get a good picture for Uncle Arny.  Well, there you go… (he must be thinking about all those Arny and Sandy Treats he gets when there…)
Just some guy...    Just some guy...
They have these nice concrete tables and benches here at the park…right out in the sun.  A great place to groom the dogs…I cut them, I cleaned them, and I got a bit of a sunburn.  Well, no Vitamin D3 pill needed today!  It does not hurt, thanks to Aleve.  Winking smile


  1. Dogs look great maybe you should have gone a bit further with the grooming.ha ha!!

    1. Yes, no doubt "I" need a bit of grooming too...but that comes another day with no pics. :)

  2. I just replaced that darned detector in my teeny travel trailer. The replacement is difficult to find, but Camping World does have a few available. "Get 'em while they're hot"... because that supply seems to be limited!

    1. Yes, I saw that CW had them to order, but currently out of stock. Saw some at PPL in Dallas, and other places.


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