Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Back in Sacramento Area

In Sister's Backyard

If we had our choice, we would be in Canada right now, headed to Dawson Creek, BC, Canada.  Instead, we are back in Sacramento, and I have a list of items I want/need to address before we take off again.  But we feel it is just not in the cards to go all the way to Alaska in a 2 or even 1 month window…so the full Alaska trip will be put off again.  When our motorhome burned up last year in the storage lot fire, the title of my post was, "Man Plans, God Laughs".  I figure God is having a very good time over all this...and we are fine with that...there is so much we can see closer to "family" for now.

Moose Munch

Remember the Moose Munch wall I posted last week?  Well, before we left Harry and David, we had a large Moose Munch, and some lemon short breads, to my sister Sandy.  They did not want to ship them until Monday so that they had a better chance of getting there without melting.  Well, they came today around 4 pm, and they were wonderfully packed, and my sister is one happy camper!

Bubba, Skruffy and Arny

Well, the dogs were overcome with emotion when we got back to Sandy and Arny’s house.  Bubba, knowing where he was but confused by his own excitement, ran to the neighbors house, and into their backyard looking for his good friend Arny.  When he finally came out, and Arny, standing on the other side of the brick wall, calls him, I thought Bubba was going to hurt himself trying to jump over it…but finally he ran around the wall and into Arny’s awaiting hands…and treats.  Smile 

Sacramento, picture from Wikipedia

Since we are here again, and it looks like we will be here for a few weeks before we can leave again, I am going to try and show Marcia a little more of my home town, which does not look anything like the home town I grew up with outside of a few buildings, the Capitol, Tower Bridge (which was not gold back in my day), and, of course, the Sacramento and American rivers.


  1. Good thing you can roll with the punches!!! Alaska will always be there!!

    1. Hope you didn't leave yesterday and get tied up in that traffic problem near Ripon that I read about.


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