Saturday, December 26, 2020

LOOK at what Indy Got for Christmas!


Can I keep them dad?  Can I, can I, can I????

Let my leash out just a bit more dad...just a bit more, I am almost there...

WHAT?  They are not MINE?????  Please dad, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE????

Don't know HOW those Wood Storks knew she could not get to them, but they did not flinch, and she did not bark.  I really need to break my camera out and carry it with me, my phone just does not do justice with pictures.  Indy LOVES going over to the Library Pond, the smells there are way better than in our backyard.

This is Indy watching a commercial you all have probably seen before, the World Wildlife Fund's save the Polar Bear campaign.  Well, WHEN the music plays, she jolts over to the TV to watch the bears.

Here Indy is enjoying a John Denver Christmas Movie, the one where he was a widowed father Architect who is assigned to visit this town in Colorado to see about turning it into a huge tourist ski resort kinda place.  He finds out that this quaint little town, which still believes in Santa, is worthy of keeping its small town personality.  He, of course, falls in love and bingo - bango, gets fired, saves the town from the huge development, and wins the heart of the lady all to his daughter's delight (she wanted dad to find a new love as her Christmas Santa wish).

Let's just say that Indy enjoyed the show more than Marcia and I, but it was good background noise as we were busy on our computers

Of course, Christmas would not be Christmas without a visit to the Dog Park.  Well, the visit was a few days before Christmas...after all, Christmas day barely got up to 60 degrees.  Last night it was down to the mid-30's ... too cold for Santa here in Florida, so I was glad to see the cold held off until Santa made his rounds the night before.

This dog 'thought' it was king of the park until Indy arrived.  She raced right up to it, they played, he took off, she ran him down, he backed off and the rest of the time 'she' was queen of the park and everyone got along real, real well.  In the first dog park picture you can see the lady in the light blue shirt is holding a little dog.  That dog is 1/3 the size of Indy, and much older.  When she put it back down, Indy went over and the two dogs had a long kiss...yes, a real long kiss.  The lady was in shock!  Don't know how, but Indy knows exactly which dogs are there to play with, and which dogs are there to just love up to.  The lady was very protective of this older little dog, and was so happy that Indy treated it with such respect.

This is our wonderful neighbor's window.  The snow globe with the seven candles on it that is front and center in the window is a gift to her from Marcia and I.  It is a Nativity Scene, and she just loves it.

Well, our Christmas was uneventful.  We enjoyed more of our homemade soup along with prime rib roll-ups on our low carb tortillas that we get.  We both seemed to have had a strange reaction (gas pains) to our Christmas Eve dinner, and we narrowed it down to bad broccoli, which I was going to add to the soup, but added to the dumpster instead.  



  1. That Indy is a keeper!! It's so funny she like the television. My two could care less, even if it's a barking dog!! 30 degrees in Florida? What the heck????

    1. Told Marcia yesterday, that if she keeps this TV watching up, she will end up wearing corrective glasses pretty soon. (Don't know if your mom told you all that, but my mom did...and we ALL ended up wearing glasses, including the adopted sisters!)

  2. It's cute the way Indy is adjusting to life in the Condo with friends to see. Like the way she watches television.
    Glad you recovered from the Broccoli.
    Be Safe and Enjoy a Happy New Year.

    It's about time.

    1. Never had 'gas pains' like we did from that broccoli...not fun, although it only lasted an hour or two for each of us.


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