Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Hit a Cold Streak, Indy hit a HOT STREAK


Yesterday and today have been the coldest days since we got back to Florida. In some of the eastern part of Pasco County, it got down to the thirties Tuesday night, and it will be in the thirties fact, it is 37 in Dade City right now.  

In Holiday where we live, it was in the mid-forties last night, and it will be in low forties tonight.  However, the monthly forecast says that we will be in the forties only six more times through January 2nd of next year.  Most of the daytime temps will be in the 70' there will be no complaints about the weather from me, looks like it will be short pants weather each day at least into January.

I posted the above picture of Indy on Facebook, but it is so cute I just had to include it in the blog.  This was Thanksgiving Morning, and here on the East Coast they have the annual  National Dog Show on in the morning, and without saying a word, she just lite up, got up, and watched the show.  I tried putting a chair over by the TV for her, but she just kept getting down.  I did hold her for awhile, and sometimes she watched sitting down...but she can stand like this for a good minute or more.


Last night we watched a few dog movies, and she got right into it again.  Trying to take pictures with my cell phone of her standing like this is not easy...I really need to dig out the camera and have it by my chair.

When she was not standing, or sitting on my lap, the was glued to the screen waiting for the "Dog" to appear again.  This movie was Chuck Norris' "Top Dog" from 1995.  A few times the dog ran off screen to the left or right, and Indy would chase it to the bedroom or to the sliding glass door...she wanted to catch that dog so much...

Speaking of Indy, the girl has been in Heat again.  We think she is almost done, and I plan to keep her away from other dogs for another week.  No trips to the Dog Park, but I have been taking her over to the Public Library where she can wander on leash and smell new smells.  Plan to call the Vet soon and see when they feel she can be spayed. I am thinking it will be late January or early February.  Hmmm...I wonder what type of thoughts she was having watching all these dogs on TV?????


  1. Boyfriends .... she was seeing boyfriends in waiting!!! Love how she stands up.

    1. What is really funny is when the dog (or horses) run off screen and she tries to follow them...or if they ride off into the horizon she will look behind the TV thinking they are back there.


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